Task forces

I thought it would be useful to have this summary posted by Jose visible in the wiki.  If no better structure emerges, we could link these pages to wiki areas maintained by each task force.

Task force overview

We decided the best way forward to integrate resources and promote collaboration between project partners is to create a task force organization, breaking the boundary between WPs, for each focused research and technical area.

This led to the following four task forces and TF leaders, in charge of championing them:

TF champions are responsible for coordinating their respective TF and ensuring its success, but everyone is welcome to participate and share ideas, comments, and criticism!

Some TFs have already started their activities, like ARCH, and others are trying to kickoff (RO). Please all TF champions take measures to start work in your respective TF and get on track asap. Realistically, I expect this to happen once the Christmas break is through, but not later than that. Please coordinate as you feel it can be more productive e.g. telco, mail, etc.

When sending task-force related email to the wf4ever list, please use a Subject prefix like [ARCH] or [IMPACT] in order to ease email classification..