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Leaders:  (Carole, Lourdes, Marco), focused on impact, dissemination, transfer and exploitation


These are the project objectives, with impact highlighted but note that it pervades many of the objectives:

  1. To support the software development process
  2. To select and support the technologies to be integrated, adapted and extended, ensuring compatibility with existing ones
  3. To develop a reference architecture for Scientific Workflow Preservation, combining existing architectures and approaches
  4. To integrate components developed in technical workpackages into the Wf4Ever codebase
  5. To explore opportunities to exploit Wf4Ever architecture and codebase in the user communities of the project, and outside the project
  6. To encapsulate process specifications and related objects as Research Objects
  7. To develop models for managing the whole lifecycle of scientific workflows and their related objects, from creation to preservation
  8. To develop personalised recommendation techniques for scientific workflows and their related objects
  9. To develop methods for computing and inspecting workflow integrity, and assessing workflow (and related Research Objects) authenticity and trustworthiness
  10. To develop ontologies for describing scientific workflows and their related objects, extending existing efforts.
  11. To evaluate Wf4Ever, by means of two use cases, which involve the preservation and reuse of scientific workflows and their related objects.
  12. To disseminate the Wf4Ever results to the Scientific Workflow, Semantic Web, Social Networks, Digital Libraries, Astronomy and Bioinformatics communities and make these results available to other EU projects
  13. To use the architecture and other project outcomes to influence relevant standardisation efforts in organisations like W3C, OAI, ISO, etc.
  14. To identify market and opportunities for Wf4Ever results

Impact, Transfer, Dissemination and Exploitation

General ideas

From Workpackages

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WP2 Workflow Lifecycle Management UNIMAN iSOCO, UPM, PSNC, OXF

WP3 Workflow Evolution, Sharing and Collaboration UPM iSOCO, UNIMAN, PSNC, OXF

WP4 Workflow Integrity and Authenticity Maintenance iSOCO UNIMAN, UPM, OXF


WP6 Bioinformatics LUMC iSOCO, UNIMAN, PSNC, OXF


Deliverables in WP8


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