59:37 Carole Goble: hello all. We have another meeting todat. Don - can you point me to the minutes of last weeks meeting
06:41 Don Cruickshank: hmm. we've not been keeping minutes for these meetings. the main focus of last week's chat was talking with piotr about APIs and performance
07:10 Don Cruickshank: i'm working on seme4 today but will be starting again on wf4ever tomorrow
11:04 Piotr Holubowicz: Is the meeting 3pm UK time?
11:30 alaninmcr: Yes - so 1600 CEST
11:35 Piotr Holubowicz: ah, ok
02:24 Carole Goble: This message has been removed.
05:28 Carole Goble: Don - as don cannot make monday then its crazy to have a myexperiment meeting on a monday
06:44 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Interest at eScience from Hubzero.
06:58 Sean Bechhofer: ...no minutes from last week's meeting.
07:14 Sean Bechhofer: ...Turning content from myexp into ROs.
07:30 Sean Bechhofer: ...Taverna annotations into myExp.
07:35 Sean Bechhofer: ...DL at the backend of myExp
07:50 Sean Bechhofer: ...Structuring annotations of workflows.
07:58 Sean Bechhofer: ...Making pack internals appear as structure.
08:15 Sean Bechhofer: Pitor: small, technical meeting last week. Plans for next montht that fed into showcase.
08:30 Sean Bechhofer: ...interaction with RODL and wf transformation service.
08:34 Sean Bechhofer: ...useful.
08:46 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: feedback onthe points above?
09:21 Piotr Holubowicz: http://wf4ever-project.org/wiki/display/docs/Showcase+catalogue#Showcasecatalogue-Sprint8
09:44 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: 4 showcases running. Some basic stuff.
09:59 Sean Bechhofer: ...general showcase 84 about improviving myexp RO UI.
10:25 Sean Bechhofer: ...not yet visible in alpha.
10:39 Sean Bechhofer: ...details really need Don.
10:55 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Will need to liaise with Don about meeting times.
11:32 Piotr Holubowicz: http://wf4ever-project.org/wiki/display/docs/Showcase+83.+Creating+a+folder+structure+in+an+empty+RO
11:41 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: 83 about folder structure creation. Technical task but some theory on the RO model.
12:08 Sean Bechhofer: ...usage of a bit of the model not used bfore.
12:24 Sean Bechhofer: DavidN: Interesting parallel to something in another project.
12:25 Carole Goble: ohhh what tool is that David?
13:02 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: WebDAV angle interesting (cf BioVel). File view over webdav would harmonise biovel.
13:17 Sean Bechhofer: ...timetable would be good.
13:29 Sean Bechhofer: ...file strictire also in other projects. runmycode ect ect.
13:46 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: RO Model will need input from Stian.
13:48 Carole Goble: annotations useing rightfield spreadsheets -> Khalid
14:27 Sean Bechhofer: Pitor: two more showcasess. Improvding RODL perfromance. Done what we wanted to so far. Faster RODL running in sandbox (3-5x speedup).
14:41 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: interactive or upload?
14:51 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: General performance. So any kind of op.
14:51 David R Newman: NeuroHub is using Alfresco as a CMS for files, this supports WebDAV and I have a feeling it also support Samba but we haven't touched that
15:09 Carole Goble: @david - ok
15:18 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Opportunity to upload a whole zip as an RO. FInishing up this week.
15:37 Sean Bechhofer: ...showcase 86 about using Rightfield for RO-ification.
15:55 khalid.belhajjame: @Piotr, we talked with Katy in the eScience conference about that
16:12 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: impression in m/cr that rightfiled is almost there.
17:01 Sean Bechhofer: Khalid: IMpression is not whether we should use RF or not, but the way forward is to create a RF template, then present them to the users.
17:20 Sean Bechhofer: ...Template with wf author, typoe descripiont etc. Also for the p[rocessirs.
17:24 Carole Goble: ORCID goes live tomorrow
17:46 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Khalid saw the light!
18:06 khalid.belhajjame: (smile)
18:14 Sean Bechhofer: ...one thing is to try out the RO model in RF as templates.
18:20 Sean Bechhofer: ..cheap testin of the model.
18:47 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Discussion with Stuart/Pique. Pique showed excel file (no relation to RF) that keeps organisaed what's been annotated etc.
19:21 Sean Bechhofer: ...Huge excel file with list of things in the RO.
19:25 Alan R Williams: It's about the cell(s)
19:37 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Not sugesting we do what Pique already does.
19:59 Sean Bechhofer: ...Why aren't the annotations the valeus in the cells rather than the cells themselves.
20:17 Sean Bechhofer: ...look at the spreadsheet and think about hw you would do it in RF?
20:25 Carole Goble: can we have his spreadsheet
20:33 Sean Bechhofer: ...We have the spreadsheeet, so can we do it without Pique?
20:43 Sean Bechhofer: ...no user bandwidth.
20:59 Sean Bechhofer: ...get Stuart to help.
21:17 Sean Bechhofer: ...Pique may not have thought about values in drop downs.
21:35 Sean Bechhofer: ...What's the Controlled vocab for the resources.
21:58 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Reinout may join in with this.
22:25 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Apache bug fixed, so Stuart has some work to do on RF.
22:35 Sean Bechhofer: Khalid: Is Kristina available?
22:46 Carole Goble: we could ask Kristina
22:48 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: she's in Sweden.
23:29 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: May expose problems with the model (before doing lots of ruby development).
23:48 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Spreadsheet SWAT team for showcase 86.
24:17 Alan R Williams: We're hackathoning
24:57 Alan R Williams: When will the quick hack to stop changing of descriptions be done?
25:22 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Answer is Don and Finn (both absent).
25:52 Sean Bechhofer: ...making descriptions unwriteable.
26:27 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: If something is derived from somewhere else, don't allow it to be changed on myexp.
27:14 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: If there was no description it's problematic, but not as bad as if it was derived from taverna then changed.
27:21 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Merging and stickiness.
27:33 Sean Bechhofer: ...eat the elephant one bite at a time....
27:59 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: SHowcase for turning myexp into ROs?
28:16 Sean Bechhofer: ...so that workflows had RO annotations and packs migrated?
28:22 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: Tools were not ready.
28:29 Carole Goble: showcase for myexperiment content
28:30 Sean Bechhofer: Putor: Still ther on the list?
28:56 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Need tp put this into the next round. Problematic if there's no content in myexp.
29:40 Sean Bechhofer: ...showcases to surfacestuff.
29:49 Sean Bechhofer: Sean to pick this up.
30:00 Sean Bechhofer: Pitor: all the ROs in myexp are manually pulled from RODL.
30:12 Carole Goble: chicken and egg
30:38 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Need content in order to exercise the UI piece.
31:15 Carole Goble: we need a RO ETL procedure
31:30 Carole Goble: myexperiment -> Ro -> myExperimebnt
31:50 Carole Goble: showcase is the procedure
31:54 Sean Bechhofer: Showcase defines the process.
32:19 Piotr Holubowicz: FYI, the original showcase for that is: http://wf4ever-project.org/wiki/display/docs/Show+case+backlogs#Showcasebacklogs-20.myExperimentofferaROAPIorexport
32:27 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: implementation may change with the tooling.
32:28 Carole Goble: tied to the batch uplaod tooling
32:43 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: myExp as a source of content.
33:09 Sean Bechhofer: ...myexp just happednds to be a source of contetn.
33:43 Sean Bechhofer: General notion of pulling information from another sources and then stuffing it into myexp.
34:10 Carole Goble: a showcase?
35:48 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: What about ORCID?
35:52 Sean Bechhofer: ...goes live tomorrow
36:13 Alan R Williams: What about helping for the identification of authors etc?
36:22 Carole Goble: yes
37:14 Carole Goble: user solution for myExperiment - schedule for ealry next year
37:26 Alan R Williams: How will the annotations on a workflow relate to the permissions? If I am the author do I have any additional rights?
37:33 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Maybe push this to next year.
37:54 Sean Bechhofer: ...need ORCID experience.
38:54 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Showcase focusing on desing of permissions/etc.
39:43 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Around November for next sprint round.
39:55 Sean Bechhofer: ...keen to finish some of these sprints.
40:06 Sean Bechhofer: ...end of the year we have the points identified above.
41:22 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: ETL as a separate activity.
41:30 Sean Bechhofer: No dependency on UI or performance.
41:35 Sean Bechhofer: ...news on server?
41:52 Sean Bechhofer: ...AOB?
41:55 Danius Michaelides: no news on server
42:04 Carole Goble: no server arrived/
42:05 Carole Goble: ?
42:09 Carole Goble: (sad)
42:12 Danius Michaelides: eh?
42:13 Danius Michaelides: no
42:17 Carole Goble: do you want me to chase?
42:39 Danius Michaelides: the last thing we reported is that the servers had arrived and Dave's people were going to install
42:56 Danius Michaelides: dave reported via email that they were going to physically install the machines this week
43:20 Danius Michaelides: after which don and i will do the software installation
43:33 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Where do the minutes go?
44:35 Sean Bechhofer: Let's stick it on wf4ever.
45:02 Danius Michaelides: or post them to the mailing list?
45:10 Stian Soiland-Reyes: mailing list is public
45:37 Stian Soiland-Reyes: http://www.wf4ever-project.org/wiki/display/privatefriends/Home is "Private and friends" restricted - not sure who are friends
45:42 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Need to be clear on actions.
45:49 Stian Soiland-Reyes: but certainly Danius, David, Alan etc should count! (smile)
46:27 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Thanks to Piotr for joinin us.
46:39 Carole Goble: thanks!
46:41 Sean Bechhofer: Meeting adjourned!
46:41 Alan R Williams: Bye
46:53 Carole Goble: see you tomorrow Alan and Stian