Requirements to be addressed in myExperiment

Annotation transparency:

  1. myExperiment, Taverna, BioCatalogue, sub-WFs, linked data resources
  2. Draw from the same resource (RO models) and feed back into the same resource
  3. Simply: sticky annotations, users don't want to write the same in different places

Specific example: Propagate descriptions about web services annotated in Taverna to myExperiment (functionality to import annotations and descriptions from t2flow Taverna files would avoid duplication)

Specific example 2: Propagate descriptions and annotations from myExperiment to Taverna.

Annotation ease-of-use:

  1. Auto-complete some technical annotations about an aggregated resource of an RO. For example, being able to say that a .t2flow file is a wfdesc:Workflow, etc. (comment Kristina: is this already taken care of by the WF-RO transformation service?). 
  2. README and HOWTO files could be pre-populated with annotations and metadata present in t2flow Taverna files, as well as annotations performed with RO Manager. Example of pre-polulated readme: title, keywords, "2" lines description, authors, list of workflows (without nested workflows). Example of information that can go into the HOWTO: relationships between workflows (wf1 has to be run before wf2) (preferably by a diagram), software dependencies for each workflow, inputs and outputs for the executions, 
  3. Tools for assiting the users to provide semantic annotations compliant with existing semantic models or developed in the Wf4Ever project, This pattern catalogue intends to cover the most needed and common annotations in RO and RO components.

Annotation of the procedural execution of the wf of a RO

  1. Because ROs are composed of several workflows, the scientist needs to know the protocol to follow in their procedural execution in order to produce successful meaningful results. This information is provided in the HOWTO.pdf file and we believe it really helps in the understanding the addition of a RO flowchart as a picture/schema exposing the steps that actually interconnect them.

Requirements to be addressed in Taverna

Nested workflow annotations:

  1. Keep the relationship of the same nested workflow used in different workflows, so that to keep the annotations associated with the nested workflows too
  2. Being able to annotate the nested workflows at a deeper level, than the current support

Structured annotations:

  1. Being able to say contributors to a workflow
  2. Have a naming convention for different parts of a workflow

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