32:25 Don Cruickshank: hi
32:39 Finn Bacall: hi
32:46 Stian Soiland-Reyes: when do we start
33:05 Don Cruickshank: typically 3pm but there's a move to move to 2.30pm
33:43 Don Cruickshank: though the reason that i need to be elsewhere at 3.30pm may well move to tuesdays anyway
34:30 Jun: Hi Don, I can join the call now. But I will mute myself
34:38 Carole Goble: I am in another meeting prior
34:42 Don Cruickshank: ok carole
35:13 Carole Goble: I am unexpectedly out early from the meeting
35:31 Carole Goble: can join - who is the caller host
35:43 Stian Soiland-Reyes: I'm OK now
35:45 Don Cruickshank: Don Cruickshank has ejected Graham Klyne from this conversation
36:02 Stian Soiland-Reyes: as long as it won't last until 16!
36:13 Carole Goble: LOL
36:14 Don Cruickshank: i'll start the call
36:19 Don Cruickshank: Call started, 57 minutes 3 seconds
36:26 Carole Goble: hi
36:34 Jun: hi
37:50 Carole Goble:

My apologies for today's call – I'm at a SCAPE meeting in Braga. I note that Don's availability and work plan are on the wf4ever wiki:


so there should be some discussion of how this fits with other myexp activity.

My actions re. myexp documentation and wiki pages are still ongoing, although I note that Don's workplan does make reference to the exemplar ROs.

Can someone please make sure to post the minutes/notes to the wf4ever wiki after the call.
40:02 Carole Goble: Configs and skins
40:30 Jun: <we need a myexp plan>
41:04 Carole Goble: Is this specific for BioVeL or general contextualisation
41:54 Carole Goble: config for each group
43:09 Robert Haines: (sorry I am late - didn't see that skype was ringing!)
43:55 Carole Goble: SCOPE
45:02 Carole Goble: a deep model of scope
45:12 Jun: <Is this a myexperiment task or a Don's task?>
51:07 Carole Goble: Finn - work on more than skin deep skinning - the scopes for myExperiment spaces this week
51:31 Carole Goble: Finn writes down with Alan reviewing what we expect to happen
52:37 Carole Goble: ROs and annotations
52:42 Carole Goble: ROs and content
55:05 Carole Goble: this separates out annotation and description
56:48 Carole Goble: templated interface to the annotations
58:05 Carole Goble: permissions and authorisation from SEEK
58:16 Carole Goble: we can ask Stuart to deliver that
58:37 Carole Goble: Finn doing a stop gap for group permissions
59:12 Carole Goble: whose help do you need?
00:50 Carole Goble: no slack
02:37 Carole Goble: design how a RO will look on gthe web page - a merged annotation XML file and create the XLST
02:47 Carole Goble: volunteers for that
02:48 Carole Goble: ?
03:12 Stian Soiland-Reyes: what is "the annotation XML file" here..?
03:26 Stian Soiland-Reyes: is that what Finn is making?
04:01 Carole Goble: merged annotations into a graph?
04:18 Stian Soiland-Reyes: I'm just saying you can't really do XSLT on RDF/XML
04:24 Don Cruickshank: indeed not stian
04:27 Don Cruickshank: (sad)
04:34 Don Cruickshank: you can do it one
05:17 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Call started
05:19 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Call ended
05:32 Stian Soiland-Reyes: sorry, I've got my Skype busy "Improving my experience"
05:50 Carole Goble: Don gets a lump of RDF
05:59 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Call started, 27 minutes 19 seconds
06:00 Carole Goble: how do we present that on the web page
06:35 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Could Carole mute, as it's very echoing..
07:12 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Thanks! (smile)
07:39 Carole Goble: so this can be separated out
07:51 Carole Goble: as a different activity
08:16 Carole Goble: David is displaying similar annotation in taverna
09:49 Carole Goble: how to display complex RDF objects in a non-RDF way
10:05 Don Cruickshank: (bio break - back in 2)
10:45 Carole Goble: hello?
10:55 Carole Goble: Its model specific
11:05 Carole Goble: wow ...
11:35 Don Cruickshank: back
14:02 Jun: <there is a good survey paper: Approaches to Visualising Linked Data: A Survey>
15:04 Carole Goble: there is no good generic presentation approach
15:12 Carole Goble: SIMILE family
15:52 Carole Goble: Matt Gamble spent 6 months in Kargers group
16:01 Jun: this is Exhibit: http://simile.mit.edu/wiki/Exhibit. It's javascript based
18:19 Jun: Don: Any lesson that Piotr could share? or help? He visualised the same stuff on the portal, didn't he?
19:02 Don Cruickshank: piotr visualised the links between resources, which didn't scale up to the level of Kristina's RO
20:30 khalid.belhajjame: I can help Stian
20:38 khalid.belhajjame: and I can go and speak to people too
21:24 Carole Goble: stian owns the problem of presenting the RO on the screen
21:40 Carole Goble: and we call send Stain our useful insights
29:30 Carole Goble: ok - is the server already and fixed up.
29:42 Carole Goble: Thanks Khalid
30:20 Carole Goble: We are ready to move to the server
31:19 Carole Goble: just take it offline
31:38 Carole Goble: announce and shift
33:21 Carole Goble: thanks
33:22 khalid.belhajjame: thanks by
33:24 Don Cruickshank: Call ended, 57 minutes 3 seconds
33:24 khalid.belhajjame: bye
33:25 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Call ended, 27 minutes 19 seconds
33:26 Jun: thanks bye