Coordinator: Sean

Apologies: Oscar


Call will use Oxford's Webex:

Quick reports from other TF telcos

*User TF report:

(Marco) Overview of architecture elements.
Relationship between RO Box and myExperiment unclear.
List of User expectations from the plenary

How is RO model used?

Next steps for mockups

{*}Arch TF report:

(Raul) Arch TF currently integrating services. Support for Graham on creation of CLT.

Leverage myexp use case.


Marco suggested that we put together guidelines/user documentation relating to ROs. What are they conceptually, how are they to be used? This would also serve as dissemination material and fits with Y1 review demo activity. This needs to be grounded in tools/implementations (e.g. RO CLT).

RO Model

(Stian) Choice of Annotation Ontology. Pages updated to reflect this. Feedback from users needed
as to vocabularies.

Some discussion about versioning and the relationship between time based versioning (e.g. Memento style time travel) and explicit versioning (1.1, 1.2 etc). Also how versioning plays in terms of versioning resources within an RO and the RO as a whole.

Discussion of versioning for convenience vs versioning for preservation.

Propose discussion of versioning/provenance at the plenary.

Plenary meeting

Proposal to move PMB to second day (lunch?) in order to free up time for discussion.

Open Actions


See WebEx Chat Log.


Next Call

Next call: to be decided...