Introduction to nano-publications on

My colleagues Erik Schultes and Herman van Haagen have produced a web page about so-called 'nano-publications': It accompanies a Nature Genetics Commentary that we wrote in collaboration with one of its editors. Research Objects and nano-publications are related, given that nano-publications also aim to capture and link experimental data and findings. The BioSemantics group and myGrid are both involved in the project in which the nano-publication model is developed.

The page shows first example 'nano-publications' in RDF. These are not technically perfect yet, but note that the page is primarily for a non-computer-science audience (readers of Nature Genetics).


  1. Mons B et al (2011) The value of data. Commentary,Nature Genetics43: 281-283.
  2. The example 'nano-publishes' the content of Giardine B et al (2011) Systematic documentation and analysis of human genetic variation using the microattribution approach.Nature Genetics43: 295-301.