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We have arrived at a draft data deposit agreement at UWE. These are our key learning points to date:

  •          We couldn't have done this without the support of our legal team
  •          The data deposit agreement and associated guidelines need to reflect policy on research data protection and data security
  •          For new research proposals data ownership and copyright should always be addressed at the pre-contract stage
  •          For existing projects/contracts a legal form of words (probably as a letter of consent) is needed giving consent to deposit within an open access UWE data repository and for re-use of the data
  •          The researcher should confirm all parties have given permission for loading and storage of project research data in the UWE open access data repository
  •          Permissions from rights holders needs to cover all activities we might need to perform on the data
  •          Our legal team are only comfortable with completely anonymous data for deposit in the first instance
  •          Guidance for depositors is required, we think Q&A format guidance might be simpler
  •          We are also thinking about licensing (probably Open Data Commons License)
  •          We will include a disclaimer as to the accuracy of data and a statement that users use it at their own risk
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