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User Scenarios - User Perspective

This page contains user scenario's to help steer wf4ever research and development (e.g. architecture and the research object model). Here we only concern ourselves with the user perspective. From the scenario's here we try to identify patterns that wf4ever developments can address. These patterns may be used to describe typical patterns that more directly steers developments. We expect this whole process to be dynamic, both user scenario's and wf4ever developments will evolve as we progress.

Genomics / Human Genetics

For the genomics/human genetics cases we will often take wet laboratory practice as an example. Although not very digitised, the ways to preserve experiments among the biology community is very mature. In addition, the analogy helps raise awareness with the community on why preservation of computational experiments is equally important.

For comparison: wet laboratory practice

This description is based on an interview with Willeke van Roon (Human Genetics Department, LUMC) and personal experience (Marco).

The closest analogy with workflows is the wet laboratory protocol, the laboratory journal contains the 'reuse' information on a protocol, how things were done specifically and deviations from the protocol.

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