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... Page: RO checklist evaluation API (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: Checklist traffic light API (Wf4ever Documents)
0.7.1_How-To Page: RO preservation services (Wf4ever Documents)
1 Page: Showcase 74 Taverna PROVO export, Mapings between PROVO and wfprov, and Workflow Provenance Corpus (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: BioVel feedback and requirements (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: 2011-07 Early Research Object UML model (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: Recommender Service (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: SWOT analysis (Wf4ever Documents)
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10 Page: Research Object Stereotypes (Wf4ever Documents)
14 Page: Arch-call-2011-10-12 (Wf4ever Documents)
2 Page: SWOT analysis (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: 121217 myExperiment Meeting (Wf4ever Documents)
3 Page: SWOT analysis (Wf4ever Documents)
4 Page: SWOT analysis (Wf4ever Documents)
Appendix A. dLibra server configurations parameters Page: dLibra installation manual (Wf4ever Documents)
Authors of papers submitted to the Audio Engineering Society's 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio may present their submitted papers for this edition of the Prizes for Reproducibility in Semantic Audio Research. Please read below for de Page: Weekly meeting 20130911 (Wf4ever Documents)
RO Page: RO-call-2011-11-23 (Wf4ever Documents)
User Expectation Plenary Page: RO-call-2011-09-28 (Wf4ever Documents)
We completed an evaluation for the current tool by running the Kegg case study in showcase 108. In this showcase, we will evaluate the capability of the toolkit against Matt's MIM service and other quality service for open Linked Data. This will be input Page: Weekly meeting 20130417 (Wf4ever Documents)
edit Page: 121112 myExperiment Meeting (Wf4ever Documents)
ends Page: WP2 Year 2 Periodic Report (Wf4ever Documents)
later? Page: RO SRS 6 discussion (Wf4ever Documents)
query3 Blog: RO provenance query tests by users (Showcase 22 validation by Marco) (Wf4ever Documents)
research Page: Arch-call-2011-06-22 (Wf4ever Documents)
to accommodate local working practice and preference Page: Architecture discussion notes from plenary (Wf4ever Documents)
unknown Page: Presentations and posters (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: Workflow Runner API (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: 2011-06-07 User telcon (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: 2011-06-15 User Meeting in Manchester (Wf4ever Documents)
Page: Agenda for Plenary Meeting Granada 25-26 January 2012 (Wf4ever Documents)
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