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58:39 Sean Bechhofer: Running a couple of minutes late.....
59:31 Alan R Williams: The contextual menu chat has now been scheduled for 14th November at 1400 GMT
59:42 Robert Haines: I am firefighting the biovel demos for the EC review this week so won't be available today, sorry
02:44 Sean Bechhofer: Sean Bechhofer set topic to "3pm Combo Meet (05/11/12)"
03:11 Sean Bechhofer: Afternoon all
03:14 Finn Bacall: hi
03:21 Sean Bechhofer: Will start the call in a minute
03:48 Carole Goble: hi
03:51 Graham Klyne: Jun and I here,. trying to wrap another chat
03:56 Carole Goble: sean is chairing
04:35 Sean Bechhofer: Thanks @rob.
04:39 Sean Bechhofer: I assumed as much
04:55 Robert Haines: I can add a quick update for biocat actually
05:16 Sean Bechhofer: This message has been removed.
05:21 Robert Haines: in the process of setting up I have fixed quite a few bugs in the main codebase
05:37 Robert Haines: enough to warrant a new release to the main biocat site
05:45 Sean Bechhofer: Minutes from last week:
05:46 Robert Haines: which I will do when this week is out of the way!
05:58 has headphones in a tangle
06:49 Sean Bechhofer: Hmm. Looks like we're missing Soton people.
07:04 is un-tangled now
07:14 Danius Michaelides: i'm here!
07:20 Carole Goble: hello
08:03 Sean Bechhofer: On the call: Graham. Jun. Carole, Danius, Sean, Khalid, Finn.
08:33 Finn Bacall: (skype broke)
09:22 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Khalidd, Sean and Stian to release RO Model
09:39 Sean Bechhofer: Waiting for Stian's return.
10:49 Graham Klyne: Sean, you breaking up (or I am)
10:53 Sean Bechhofer: Showcase based on KEGG workflows that will break.
11:06 Alan R Williams: You are breaking up
11:08 khalid.belhajjame: you were breaking up before, but you are fine now
11:11 Graham Klyne: Hear you again
11:25 Jun: Do break up sometimes, but I can guess what you said
11:37 Carole Goble: quick and dirty flagging of workflows
11:55 Carole Goble: informed by wf4ever ideas
11:59 Carole Goble: we hear you alan
12:02 Carole Goble: (smile)
12:40 Carole Goble: showingthe workflows decay in the interface
13:01 Carole Goble: we are going to do a skunk works!
13:59 Graham Klyne: (I'm not entirely comfortable with "blessed", but I can let that ride for now)
15:09 Graham Klyne: (e.g. "external" or "imported", so myExp knows not to update them directly.)
15:21 Graham Klyne: (detail, don't worry for now)
15:33 Jun: Action to Jun: create a showcase for the immutable annotations to ROs
17:37 Carole Goble: aside, do we have a screenshot of structured annotations / packages for myExperiment yet?
18:46 Graham Klyne: (I thought Don said he was off until later this week.)
19:02 Jun: <but we had a lot of text message offline>
19:24 Carole Goble: did we finish anything?
19:31 Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Stuff that's still open.
20:00 Sean Bechhofer: Showcase 83: Folder structure.
20:01 Carole Goble: as far as i know
20:09 Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Not finished.
20:27 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: FInish old showcases before new ones.
20:57 Sean Bechhofer: 83: Waiting input from Stian.
21:10 Graham Klyne: Can't we justy push ahead and do folders, then check with Stian?
21:23 Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Would need Don to push the buttton.
21:35 Sean Bechhofer: ...could do UI things.
21:51 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Only Don can push the button?
22:02 Sean Bechhofer: Danius: Can push the button if possible.
22:08 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Point of failure.
22:15 Jun: I thought this is an open source project? :^)
22:18 Graham Klyne: (quel button?)
22:23 Carole Goble: Don-push button blocker-point of failure
22:38 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: What is the governance/management process for change?
24:02 Sean Bechhofer: Need to put something into place once the new servers are up in place in Oxford. Hopefully more sysadmin tasks will be done by OXF.
24:35 Sean Bechhofer: Need to understand what the dependencies are given interactions with, e.g. Wf4ever.
24:37 Graham Klyne: Three intertwined problems here? knowledge, governance, access?
26:29 Jun: <worries me too!>
27:05 Carole Goble: @Jun you are his boss...
27:58 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION (SEAN): Define the processes by which changes are made to myExp (alpha).
28:03 Sean Bechhofer: ... Identify who can do it
28:09 Sean Bechhofer: ...Identify who can action it.
28:09 Jun: yes, but I don't see him (sad) and can't find someone to clone a Don
28:14 Graham Klyne: (alpha or main?)
29:00 Danius Michaelides: i suspect for the current urgent thing, I'm deputy
30:11 Carole Goble: needs to be core team
30:49 Carole Goble: yes
31:38 Danius Michaelides: (sorry, fell off skype)
32:08 Sean Bechhofer: Message for Sprint planning is to focus on finishing showcases (e.g. 83)
32:14 Sean Bechhofer: ...rather than picking up new ones.
33:14 Sean Bechhofer: Jun: discussions from THursday.
33:22 Sean Bechhofer: myExp not acting as curator.
33:34 Sean Bechhofer: ...but would benefit from simple flaggin of wflows that don't work.
33:42 Sean Bechhofer: ...some simple solutions.
33:47 Carole Goble: do you have some PRACTICAL solutions?
34:21 Sean Bechhofer: Carole: Something inline with discussions.
34:30 Sean Bechhofer: ...practical, straightforward, simple.
34:41 Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Curation tagging. Services that are decommissioned.
34:55 Sean Bechhofer: ...currently surfaced via filters.
35:15 Sean Bechhofer: Can query using it, but it's not prominent.
36:05 Sean Bechhofer: Servers.
36:23 Sean Bechhofer: Danius: GOing to Oxford tomorrow. OS install or at least talking to those who will do the installatino.
36:31 Sean Bechhofer: ,...Then rest of the installation remotely.
36:37 Sean Bechhofer: ...Don back tomorrow/Wednesday.
37:05 Sean Bechhofer: ...Servers going live depends on how much commissioning/testing we want to do.
37:21 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Who decides how much testing etc?
37:27 Sean Bechhofer: Dan: Don;t know.
37:35 Sean Bechhofer: ...could move sandbox and then test.
38:29 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: We need to know who's making those decisions and what ethey're based on. i.e. whether to move sandbox or everything. And when.
39:39 Sean Bechhofer: AOB?
40:02 Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Having a discussion about making workflows tab contextualised.
40:17 Sean Bechhofer: ...Vieiwing from groups page to workflows shows wf for that group.
40:18 Graham Klyne: @finn if you're blocked, there are the ROSRS_Session optimizations...
40:27 Sean Bechhofer: ...14th Nov 14:00.
40:43 Finn Bacall: @graham, yes i've applied them
40:43 Sean Bechhofer: ...all welcome to join.
40:48 Graham Klyne: (smile)
40:59 Graham Klyne: (Was the test much quicker?)
41:13 Alan R Williams: It's for getting users' wishes though not worrying about how to implement
41:23 Finn Bacall: i've not yet tested
41:56 Graham Klyne: @finn The test suite should run unmodified.  IMO it's not done until it's tested (wink)