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Actions/matters arising:

  • Finn to get access to wf4ever Dropbox/JIRA
  • Stian/Alan to draw up plan for BioVEL user consultation
  • Stian/Piotr to identify priorities for wf4ever review demo tasks.
  • Need to arrange for myExperiment JIRA prioritisation

[] Sean Bechhofer: Afternoon all!
[] Alan R Williams: Hello
[] Sean Bechhofer: I am in the office at the moment, but likely to go home shortly after bringing some unpleasant cold/flu thing back from Granada.
[] Sean Bechhofer: So I am likely to miss the combo call this afternoon.
[] Don Cruickshank: I'm in a review (for seme4) today so I won't make the call this afternoon.
[] Finn Bacall: will anyone be here for the call?
[] Piotr Holubowicz: I will but nothing to report
[] Stian Soiland-Reyes: I've got something nasty from Granada as well
[] Stian Soiland-Reyes: my brain is not quite connecting
[] Finn Bacall: that can't be true, it's not in the calendar
[] Sean Bechhofer: Ok. I am still here (sad)
[] Jun: I am here too. But I will be the listener
[] Sean Bechhofer: Sean Bechhofer set topic to "Combo Meet (13/01/14)"
[] Sean Bechhofer: Notes from last week:
[] Sean Bechhofer: Will start call in a couple of minutes.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Call started, 22 minutes 15 seconds
[] Alan R Williams: Sorry - I'm in a BioVel call
[] Sean Bechhofer: Ok. Thanks Alan
[] khalid.belhajjame: I am in another call, will join as soon as I finish with the current call
[] Sean Bechhofer: thanks khalid.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Only Sean, Finn, Jun, Piotr.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Actions from last week:
[] Sean Bechhofer: 1. Stian to set up further consulation with BioVEL users on myExperiment RO visualisations w/c 21st January.
2. Finn to continue looking at myExp Jira issues.
3. Finn's latest bug fixes to be applied by Don.
[] Sean Bechhofer: 3. Fixes done and applied.
[] Sean Bechhofer: 2. myExp JIRA.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Not much chance to go through. Mainly BioVEL stuff.
[] Sean Bechhofer: JIRA prioritisation needs to be done.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Proposal to bring in users to Monday calls.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Allowing Groups to have permission policies.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Choosing to apply group policy rather than manually configure sharing options.
[] Alan R Williams: Finn done well
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...a peripheral requirement related to the group contextualisation.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Any issues/blckers?
[] Sean Bechhofer: No.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Piotr?
[] Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Creating and assigning tasks for the wf4ever review demo.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...Nothing more than was discussed on Thursday and in the presentation.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...any problems with myexp tasks.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Jun: Will try and get Don's schedule on to his planning page.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Will create wiki page for the demonstration. Can link to availablity plan ther.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Jun: That's essential. Catching up on workplan. Important to highlight who's going to do what. Lots of tasks relting to Don. Need to ensure he's not a blocker.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Pitor: All tasks in the presentation. More details in the jira.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...most are about relating services. Making a link. So not too difficult, and not crucial – link oiuld be used in browser.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...Key thing is to support semantic annotations "this is a hypothesis" etc. within myexp.
[] Sean Bechhofer: That's crucial.
[] Finn Bacall:
[] Piotr Holubowicz: wf4ever/meetings/2013-01 Granada/DemoSlidesGranada.pptx
[] Sean Bechhofer: Finn should have access
[] Piotr Holubowicz: The red/blue colors were meant to mean priorities but we didn't apply it consistently
[] Sean Bechhofer: Ok. You should get an invite FInn.
[] Stian Soiland-Reyes: is wf4ever/meetings/2013-01 Granada/DemoSlidesGranada.pptx meant to be a dropbox thing?
[] Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Finn to get jira access.
[] Sean Bechhofer: @stian: it's the folder in the dropbox
[] Sean Bechhofer: Stian: Talked briefly with Alan re. BoiVEL user consultation.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...plan is for another handwaving general thing, followed up by individuals.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...need to consult with Alan to plan how to do this.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...multiple event.
[] Sean Bechhofer: AOB?
[] Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Ask Don to publish a reference link to alpha myexp.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...when we want to add features to myexp. Can then direct users to that.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...Need to understand where to look to checkprogress.
[] Stian Soiland-Reyes: - please use "Share link" in Dropbox - saves everyone time
[] Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Related to hoe we manage the services.
[] Finn Bacall: @Stian wow, it appears in the browser
[] Sean Bechhofer: Stian: Can we have a prioritorisation of the tasks?
[] Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Hopoed that all would be done by review. But we do need a prioritisation.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...need to discuss after this telco.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...not sure how much effort each task takes.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Propose tomorrow morning,
[] Sean Bechhofer: , other reports of issues with too much to do.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ...Piotr/Stian can priorise.
[] Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Stian/Piotr to arrange priorities
[] Sean Bechhofer: Khalid?
[] Sean Bechhofer: Khalid: nothing to add.
[] Sean Bechhofer: Ok. Thanks!
[] Sean Bechhofer: bye