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  • Update information about new hardware in myExperiment Management
  • Don to dig into the logs to investigate the Matt Lee group issue.
  • Stian/Alan to draw up plan for BioVEL user consultation
  • Don to provide information on service status (e.g. versions etc) via wiki page. Also possible notifications to dev googlegroup of alpha updates.

04:37 Finn Bacall: <- what is going on here?
05:27 Don Cruickshank: Matt Lee is user #1
06:12 Don Cruickshank: one tick
06:50 Finn Bacall: his profile says he was last seen in 2007
07:02 Don Cruickshank: indeed
07:06 Piotr Holubowicz: interesting
07:14 Don Cruickshank: i think it's somewhat unlikely that matt would have logged in
07:55 Finn Bacall: yeah
08:17 Finn Bacall: i thought maybe someone might have gotten into his account though
09:34 David R Newman: What is his private email address. I'd suspect someone would likely change that if they had hacked his account
11:43 Finn Bacall: he doesn't have an email in the copy of the database that i have
13:44 Don Cruickshank: i think he used myopenid for his account
13:58 Don Cruickshank: or maybe not
14:06 Don Cruickshank: it was created in carlin days
14:31 Don Cruickshank: ok
14:41 Don Cruickshank: he used openid with his own domain name
24:28 Sean Bechhofer: Afternoon all. Is it possible for someone else to host the call this afternoon please? I am available, but I'm at home, and experience suggests that the host of the call should have decent network.
28:48 Stian Soiland-Reyes: I can do it
28:58 Stian Soiland-Reyes: I'll even reboot to Windows to ensure great quality
36:32 Alan R Williams: The sacrifices you make (smile)
37:40 Don Cruickshank: bonus points for going metro
37:50 Don Cruickshank: cough modern
38:19 Stian Soiland-Reyes: (wink)
39:22 Stian Soiland-Reyes: I'm not afraid to show my modernsexual side. I've even pampered my hair down with water to look pretty.
55:13 Stian Soiland-Reyes: we start 14:30, right
55:27 Stian Soiland-Reyes: have to plan by OS here..
28:52 Stian Soiland-Reyes: right, starting in 60 seconds
29:12 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Stian Soiland-Reyes set topic to "Combo meet 2013-01-21"
29:22 Stian Soiland-Reyes: who will minute? Sean?
29:44 Sean Bechhofer: Yes.
30:00 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Call started, 36 minutes 17 seconds
30:35 Sean Bechhofer: Last week:
31:14 Sean Bechhofer: Points from last week:
31:43 Sean Bechhofer: * Finn to get access to wf4ever Dropbox/JIRA

  • Stian/Alan to draw up plan for BioVEL user consultation
  • Stian/Piotr to identify priorities for wf4ever review demo tasks.
  • Need to arrange for myExperiment JIRA prioritisation
    32:09 hates these flipping emoticons
    33:00 Sean Bechhofer: Present: Alan, Don, Jun, Khlaid, Stian, Sean
    33:47 Stian Soiland-Reyes: headbang: (headbang) is useful though
    34:42 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: Finn also got access to the myExperiment servers.
    35:15 Sean Bechhofer: Don: New hardward all working.
    35:31 Sean Bechhofer: ..old servers aren't used at all.
    36:25 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Don to update the google doc with information regarding the new servers.
    36:54 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: No progress with the BioVEL user consultation. Replanning tomorrow.
    37:29 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: Review tasks are being managed within the wf4ever jira.
    37:58 Sean Bechhofer: ...primary concern was with Stian tasks. But that's not an issue.
    38:18 Sean Bechhofer: wider prioritorisation.
    39:01 Sean Bechhofer: Don:
    39:09 Stian Soiland-Reyes: shows the issues tracked for Y2 Review for Wf4Ever
    39:16 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Don/Stian ones are for myXP generally
    39:26 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Changed packs so that creating packs is easier.
    39:45 Sean Bechhofer: ...fixed redirect from alpha
    40:05 Sean Bechhofer: ...code ready for commit that presents relationships.
    40:12 Carole Goble: I've just pitched ROs to Elsevier
    40:27 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: What happened about ownership of files owned by <??>
    40:31 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Done.
    40:43 Sean Bechhofer: @carole: thanks!
    41:12 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: WHat happened with Matt Lee's group?
    41:18 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: Finn looking at this?
    41:56 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Issue is that Matt Lee created a group. User has not logged in for some time, so this is unlikely.
    42:11 Sean Bechhofer: But logging in via openid may not update "last accessed time".
    42:26 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: One member of the group Kerry Winslet. Seems a bit dubious.
    42:51 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: is there a suggestion that Matt's account has been compromised?
    43:01 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: Yes, quite stroingly.
    43:29 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: Finn hinted that it may be some dodgy code that's picked the first user (Matt is user #1).
    43:36 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Possible injection attack?
    43:44 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: Done since update to rails?
    43:52 Sean Bechhofer: ...done after.
    44:41 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Take a look at the log for a quick assessment.
    45:05 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: Advertising a company.
    45:24 Sean Bechhofer: Sean; Is there a short term solution?
    46:01 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: Is Matt still admin?
    46:03 Sean Bechhofer: Don: No.
    46:44 Sean Bechhofer: Don: No evidence for injection
    46:55 Alan R Williams: @Don - Thank you from BioVeL
    48:58 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Don to dig a bit deeper, find out what's happening.
    49:40 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Any other suspicious activity? We spotted this because we know Matt's and old account.
    50:33 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: What's the process for tackling this?
    50:59 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Management page created for Alan. Carole mentioned recently a "spam-hole".
    53:26 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Any issues relating to myExp for the wf4ever review demo prep?
    53:58 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Would like to be able to see an updated alpha instance.
    54:14 Sean Bechhofer: me more confidence if I can see changes in alpha.
    54:30 Sean Bechhofer: ...If it's possible and to get some notification on the chat that would be good.
    54:42 Sean Bechhofer: ...Highest priority is the semantic annotations interface.
    54:49 Sean Bechhofer: ...Piotr/Marco would be most interested.
    55:47 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Is this about specific changes or wanting to know that updates are applied?
    56:09 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr: Bit of both.
    56:20 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Generally update whenever a big change.
    56:38 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: What's the process for notifications of updates?
    56:48 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Discussed with Carole that we ought to do this.
    56:58 Sean Bechhofer: ...could be dev google group
    57:06 Sean Bechhofer: ...but wf4ever people aren't on that list.
    57:16 Sean Bechhofer: ...for alpha could push to wf4ever mailing list.
    57:33 Sean Bechhofer: Piotr; If it's relating to a jira task, could add a comment.
    57:46 Sean Bechhofer: <My audio is breaking up>
    58:37 Sean Bechhofer: <Can someone minute what Don said>
    59:14 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Don to provide some notification mechanism of updates to alpha.
    59:18 Alan R Williams: @Don - can you also delete (smile)
    00:20 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Is there a page that tells me current service status/versions?
    00:32 Sean Bechhofer: Don: No
    00:57 Sean Bechhofer: Alan: David and I got confused about alpha and sandboxes.
    01:06 Sean Bechhofer: ...didn't know which to try the components out on.
    01:29 Sean Bechhofer: Don: myExp dev wiki would be the appropriate place.
    02:04 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Doesn't need to be massively detailed, but does need to be up to date.
    02:57 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Don to create a status page on the wiki providing details of the services (alpha, sandbox etc) and the versions running on each.
    03:18 Sean Bechhofer: ...needs to be kept up to date.
    03:51 Jun: nothing from my side
    03:56 Jun: sorry, on a new headset
    04:30 Sean Bechhofer: Don: Just to confirm the group bug is fixed.
    05:07 Sean Bechhofer: AOB?
    06:18 Stian Soiland-Reyes: Call ended36 minutes 17 seconds