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2. How to do it? The beginning of work on project is the same as in creating a project based on your own files imported from your disc. After adding a new project and its metadata, files can be added on the project page. To describe next steps we use an exemplary publication from the Silesian Digital Library ( entitled „Sprawozdanie z Czynności Polskiego Towarzystwa Filologicznego” and originally published in 1927.

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3. The difference is the next step, after pressing the “Add new files” option, the screen with possible ways of adding files appears. Then instead of “Add files” choose “Import files from existing publication”.

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4. You should add an OAI identifier of publication in the box that appears afterwards.  

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You can find it in the publication description in the digital library which the publication comes from.

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5. After pasting the OAI Identifier, you should approve the operation by pressing “Import”. Then you will be switched to the Project Page with a message about long running tasks related to the project and that the results of them will be sent by e-mail after their completion.

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You should not wait for the change of this communique, because it will not change even if the task is completed. After receiving a validation e-mail, you may just refresh the Project Page or click the link sent in the e-mail message. This operation is fulfilled as a Long running task.

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6. Further action connected with the project does not vary from the one described in case of adding your own files. All steps are described here: Introduction to Virtual Transcription Laboratory