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Collaboration opportunities

  • Alan Williams (from BioVel/Taverna) will review the RO model for specific BioVeL Taverna Workflows, for example the Invasive Species and Metagenomic workflows. These later are also with Kepler (the CAMERA2.0 team in SDSC)
  • Yde de Jong from UVA is leading the governance and preservation aspect of BioVeL and already is discussing versioning, archiving, publishing etc and also the dimensions of decay of workflows. 
  • BioVeL uses Taverna, BioCatalogue (a version of at least) and myExperiment. We would need a myExperiment/Taverna/BioCatalogue set up that is a library for active workflow preservation and archived workflows. So our work on this in Wf4Ever has a direct takeup. BioVeL has many data services that are external to the members of the project
  • BioVeL has a workshop 8-12 May for external scientists. Wf4Ever have been asked to present on guidelines and best practices on workflow design and husbandry for preservation and maintenance. This is not infrastructure and models but methodology and best practices.