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Vision by the end of the project

  • Documented, sustainable code base – increased Bus Factor
  • RO Model used to manage and structure myExperiment content.
  • Provision of RODL API by myExperiment.
  • Integration of Wf4Ever services and tools into myExperiment UI/experience (e.g. checklists, quality, recommender)
  • Citation mechanisms in place to support permanent identifiers for myExperiment content.
  • APIs to support "one click RO creation" from tools (e.g Taverna)

Planned Release Schedule

Details maintained on the myExperiment wiki Release page, with links through to myExperiment JIRA.

  • 1 Jul.
  • 29 Jul.
  • 26 Aug. Release with smaller features due to possible time/resource constraints.
  • 23 Sep.
  • 21 Oct.


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