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This page provides details of the structure and organisation of the project website. This has been done as part of showcase 49 - Website content updates.

Website structure

Several tabs that provide quick access to each of the blocks that are presented below. A common diagram style should be used (Graffle, PPT, etc.).

  • Landing page / Home. Format: ?1 + 2 columns (70/30) (currently it is at, and should be changed to when it is ready and everybody has confirmed that we are happy with the whole set of contents of the website).
    • Horizontal part
    • Column 1 (mainly links to different sets of pages)
      • Wf4Ever for Astronomers and Biologists
      • Wf4Ever for developers
      • Wf4Ever for citizens (not available yet, so a link to "To be provided soon")
      • Project details (as it is now, with links to partners, workplan and deliverables)
      • Other projects / Wf4Ever Friends (with logos and links of those projects that we are collaborating with)
    • Column 2
      • Wf4Ever Google calendar 
      • Small set of news (smaller than now, with only 3 or 4 items).
  • Wf4Ever for Astronomers and Biologists. Format: 2 columns (30/70). Menu on column 1, and main body text on column 2.
  • Wf4Ever for developers
    • Overview
    • Wf4Ever Models
      • Research Object Model --> as it is now. Fix format.
      • Evolution --> take content from (from the section on Terminology, and removing all boxes that provide comments, and things in colour). And the large figure from the RO Evolution Scenario section would be also useful.
      • Minim --> leave it empty for the time being.
      • The RO 5-star model --> Remove the first sentence.
    • Wf4Ever Architecture --> as it is now. Fix format if needed.
    • Wf4Ever Reference Implementation --> take every single description from the templates used in D1.4v1. The submenu is structured according to this deliverable, sections 2 and 3, and the overview would be taken from section 1.
    • Wf4Ever Sandbox --> this is similar to a Google Labs branding. The basic description is already there, and in the submenu, we can include small descriptions from D1.2v2, sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. 
    • Github repositories  --> include as an iFrame or something similar the content of
    • Licenses ---> for the time being leave it empty, with a "to be updated soon".
    • Known issues, roadmap, etc. --> for the time being leave it empty, with a "to be updated soon".

Wiki text gaps

This page contains the assignments to tasks to complete the wiki reorganisation and gap-filling-in work







RO model for publishers


From SePublica paper

RO model for Scientists


Fill in the gaps there

RO Examples


Fill in with links to the RO examples generated

Research Object Functionalities and Processes


Fill in once children pages are completed

RO preservation services


Refine and summarise




RO reuse and repurposing


Do we want to include this functionality?




Review and publication with ROs


Provide a 2-paragraph summary.  I've added a brief introduction: is this sufficient? #g

Wf4Ever Architecture


Make a last check to description provided there.

Wf4Ever Toolkit


Check subpages and add for every component a 2-paragraph description and a snapshot, so that these can go to the website. Avoid references to "as we said in XXX meeting".

Wf4Ever in Biology


We need to add a couple of paragraphs of what Wf4Ever can provide to biologists, and links to current work (e.g., the RO that was recently created for Y1










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