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In this page we maintain the roadmap for the project for 2 milestones: M23 (end of October 2012) and M25 (end of December 2012), focusing on technical showcases that should lead to releasing software for use inside and outside of our project.

The roadmap was discussed at the Manchester Plenary meeting 2-3 October 2012, as has been documented at ?Agenda for Plenary Meeting Manchester 02-03 October 2012.

The showcases referenced in this page are taken from the ?Showcase backlog.


This milestone is the end of October 2012. This release focuses on delivering the RO-enabled myExperiment, plus improving the efficiency of interaction with RODL deployed in the Sandbox.

myExperiment integration:

  • 83. Creating a folder structure in an empty (leader: Piotr) RO Implementation in Wf-RO, RODL and myExperiment (or Portal), plus a little reflection on RO model in that respect
  • 84. Improving the myExperiment RO interface (leader: Don) myExperiment must show the RO nicely

Project-wide integration:

  • 85. Improve RODL performance (leader: Filip) Examine RODL architecture, sandbox performance, plus add the option to create an RO with a zip file
  • 86. Investigate the possibility of using RightField for RO-ification (leader: Reinout) Check if RightField can be used for RO-ification


This milestone is the end of December 2012. This release focuses on adding features to the RO-enabled myExperiment, supporting the interaction between Taverna and myExperiment, and improving the RO-ification process.

myExperiment integration:

  • 79. Detecting Workflow Decay using BioCatalogue Using BioCatalogue might be investigated if other RO-enabled myExperiment features are done without delays

Project-wide integration:

  • 5. UI: Connect Wf4Ever services to RODL (prev. Traffic lights and Stars) (Piotr) Expose the checklist evaluation service and workflow runner service in myExperiment/Portal
  • 65. Linking taxonomy of decay with minim models This may be done after showcase 5.
  • 76. RO-based annotation requires Protege and does not include human-oriented descriptions This falls into having a nice user interface for annotations
  • 77. Provenance is in the RO as a file, there is no user view on it Showcase description is rather vague but seems to fall into user interface design


This is a placeholder milestone for showcases that are planned for somewhere in 2013.

myExperiment integration:

  • 20. myExperiment offer a RO API or export We need the RO-enabled myExperiment before that
  • 59. Grounded RO-enabled myExperiment case studies from ADS, Galaxy and BioVel We have enough requirements for work until M25, so these case studies would not need to be revisited until then

Project-wide integration:

  • 63. Integration of Collaboration Spheres, RODL data, and Recommendation services(submitted by Esteban) We don't expect significant amount of data in RODL before M25, see showcase 20.
  • 66a. Integration of the stability service. It looks like it depends on showcase 5. May be done earlier, though it's not in the M25 focus.
  • 66b. Analytics/Predictions based on the stability service Depends on showcase 66a
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