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Golden Exemplars

Provide workflows and research objects in the astronomy domain compliant with Wf4Ever tools and models, and developed following a set of best practices. These workflows want to be representative of the different techniques used in astronomy, including experiments dealing with 1D catalogues of physical quantities to 3D formatted data, locally stored and processed by users at their workstations, or distributed, over a variety of external repositories, accessed and analysed through Virtual Observatory (VO) compliant web services, or with the help of local software and scripts.  In order to achieve this goal, and more particularly in the case of modelling of 3D data of galaxies, new services for the analysis of 3D formatted data will be developed as well as VO standards for the access of on-the-fly generated data issued from these services.

Propagation of interdependent quantities in the calculation of luminosities of galaxies

Models, ontologies, and vocabularies in the Astronomy domain

Provide interoperable models, ontologies and vocabularies for the characterization of workflows, data and processes involved in the astronomical research, taking into account the specificities of the domain and several aspects as provenance, information quality, integrity and authenticity.This work will take into account vocabularies, ontologies and standards in the domain (IVOA), those developed in the Workflows for Ever Project as well as others existing approved standards.

Integration of existing Astronomy-specific tools

Integration of existing astronomy software implementing SAMP VO libraries with Wf4Ever tools for management of workflows and research objects. e.g. Taverna, RO Manager Command Line Tool, Web GUIs, etc. SAMP (Simple Application Messaging Protocol) is a messaging protocol that enables astronomy software tools to interoperate and communicate. It enables the applications to share data and take advantage of each other's functionality, allowing software tools to exchange control and data information. SAMP supports communication between applications on the desktop and in web browsers, and is also intended to form a framework for more general messaging requirements. Implementing SAMP in Wf4Ever tools will automatically integrate them into an existing ecosystem of astronomy software.


Create a community of users interested in the creation, preservation and sharing of scientific workflows and research objects in astronomy. This will require the presentation of Wf4Ever results in specialized events, the show of demonstrations of the technologies being developed, and on their application to the community.

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