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Within the myGrid family we have three particular projects:

  • Two User / Content: BioVeL and SCAPE. They focus on: 
    • writing workflows for a community
    • building web services for a community (esp. BioVeL)
    • building tools for a community (esp. SCAPE)
  • One cross cutting infrastructure: Wf4Ever
    • provenance reporting and storing
    • workflow repository (myExperiment)
    • workflow components catalogue of some sort
    • workflow preservation management
    • component preservation management
    • workflow and component versioning
    • workflow sharing/publishing
    • workflow/component curation

Wf4Ever is a project that is defining models, defining APIs and building a reference architecture for a Workflow preservation environment centred on myExperment and dLibra. And it needs collaborations with people who are doing the work on writing workflows, building web services and tools for a community. Neither BioVEL nor SCAPE have the time or inclination to understand the details of provenance/versioning/annotation/preservation etc. But Wf4Ever has and does.

Wf4Ever needs projects that will adopt its results. BioVeL and SCAPE need a platform that will preserve and manage their workflow outcomes AFTER their completion.

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