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WP4 Workflow Integrity and Authenticity Maintenance iSOCO UNIMAN, UPM, OXF

  • Two key requires for the provenance component would be: (JZ)
    • Portable 
    • Adaptable
  • Relevant provenance prototypes or systems:
  • No standard provenance vocabulary yet
    • External users should be able to adapt our provenance component using their own vocabulary 
    • We must be able to adapt to the latest provenance standard which might be released in 2 years time
    • The provenance model should be based on a stable core and be able to accommodate extensions (the OPM profile idea fits in this case) - PM
  • The provenance component could be like a "provenance bus", being able to observe and absorb all the key messages and changes of states etc during the life cycle of research objects
    • It should be possible to write observers for a variety of processes (RO management, in this case) and their deployment scenarios. - PM
    • It should be possible to tap into a variety of other observation points, and at different levels of abstraction (in a WS-based workflow system like Taverna, for instance, one would want to monitor at the level of workflow processor /as well as/ at the level of service invocation).  - PM
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