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Considerations from astro users

Annotations on individual components of the RO seem to be an appropriate way to fill the potential lacks in the RO model as well as in the auto-generated information provided by future Wf4Ever tools or services. In the first Golden Exemplar we consider that the most important annotations have been made using the Taverna workbench, where information for authoring, description and dataset examples has been provided for every workflow. In this sense the information related with dataset examples it is especially relevant, since it allows running a simple validation check of the workflow with the small exemplars input datasets provided as part of the annotations.

The RO Manager Command Line Tool has been used to make annotations on the components of the RO related to the attributes "type", "keywords", "description", "format", "note", "title" and "creation date", which may be extended in a future version of the tool. Other potentially useful attributes could be "Additional info" where the user could paste an URI to a resource providing additional information on the component. A "Related to" attribute could allow the linking of one or several others resources that the user consider related in some kind. Attributes for quality assessment could also be considered, as well as a "Similar" attribute where external web services or external data should be annotated in order to alleviate external resources decay.

Though it seems possible to annotate any single component in the RO, the functionality of managing annotations related to the whole RO could be really useful in order to register different general topics as the purpose of the research, still not well solved issues, assumptions made, hypothesis to be proven, etc. We have decided to register all this kind of information in three text files README.txt, RECIPE.txt and CONTENT.TXT at the root of the RO tree file structure. README.txt provides information concerning the purpose and identity of the RO, while RECIPE.txt tells the user how to use it, and CONTENT.txt presents the content of each folder of the RO. It could also be useful to improve the functionalities for annotations management, enabling edition and suppression of annotations, as well as the possibility to annotate folders.

-- Extracted from M12 Deliverable D5.3v1 and based on Feedback on RO Annotator Mockup

Other requirements

  • Import annotations to RO on authoring, description and dataset examples from Taverna workbench.
  • Allow users to extend annotation attributes with RO CLT
  • "Creation date" should not be an annotation provided by the user but an actual property of the RO component provided by the system, like the name of the file.

Other resources

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