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Showcase 67. Integration Prerequisites Showcase (Rafa)

Goal: The objective of this showcase is to enable a better logging, debugging and interfacing infrastructures for the Recommender Service in order to enable its integration with myExperiment and the Collaboartion Spheres.

More precisely:

  • Logging: Provide a significant logging mechanism (specially for the exchange of messages in the REST interface)
    • Learn to use state of the art logging framework
    • Implement the necessary logging code for the Recommender Service
  • Debugging: Achieve graphical debugging using the Gephi environment
    • Learn Gephi internal format
    • Generate the Gephi representation
    • Add operations to the interface to allow remote debugging
  • Interfacing:
    • Check myExperiment needs
    • Check get the lastest updates in the myExperiment API 
    • Check Collaboration Spheres needs
    • Implement myExperiment interfacing requests
    • Implement Collaboration Spheres interfacing requests

Participants: Rafa (UPM), Don (myExperiment), Esteban, Alex (iSOCO)

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