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RightField and ROs

Here is my report of the Discussion we had about Rightfield for ROs in our project, dd. 05-11-2012. It includes some comments on the annotations in the RO of the latest deliverable.


Main conclusions:

  • RightField fills a gap between ontologists and users.
  • It can serve us now in the project for RO annotation, but in due time most annotation should be done via Taverna and myExperiment.
    • In the long term it may remain useful as a separate tool for manual annotations.
  • We suggest that one or more wf4ever ontologists create the template in Rightfield in collaboration with a user. Pique may have the best source tables for that.
  • Workflow users should not provide annotations in the realm of workflow-systems, but in their own domain of expertise (biologie and bioinformatics, and astronomy and astroinformatics).

Other conclusion: Marco cannot convert/import LibreOffice docs to Confluence.

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