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This wiki page is a place whose intention is to gather and share different works that could be related with Wf4Ever or Wf4Ever task forces.


  • Openaire: quite related to what we are trying to do in Wf4ever, using which scientists should be able to publish papers, but also datasets, information about the fundings, etc.
  • MonedtDB.SciDB is very related to MonetDB - in fact there are strong arguments by some that SciDB is the USA "not invented here" response to MonetDB.
  • SciDB: His main point was that data management as is currently, is not fit for purpose and that a new generation of data management solutions needs be investigated.
  • Article: "Data's shameful neglrect": Nature article titled "Data's shameful neglect", which you may find interesting.
  • Digital-Science: Some resources...
  • Workflow discovery roadmap:
  • Ingo H. C. Wassink, Paul E. van der Vet, Katy Wolstencroft, Pieter B. T. Neerincx, Marco Roos, Han Rauwerda, Timo M. Breit: Analysing Scientific Workflows: Why Workflows Not Only Connect Web Services. SERVICES I 2009: 314-321
  • Anderson Marinho, Cláudia Maria Lima Werner, Sérgio Manuel Serra da Cruz, Marta Mattoso, Vanessa P. Braganholo, Leonardo Gresta Paulino Murta. A Strategy for Provenance Gathering in Distributed Scientific Workflows. SERVICES I 2009: 344-347
  • Bin Cao, Beth Plale, Girish Subramanian, Ed Robertson, Yogesh L. Simmhan: Provenance Information Model of Karma Version 3. SERVICES I 2009:348-351
  • Antoon Goderis, Paul Fisher, Andrew Gibson, Franck Tanoh, Katy Wolstencroft, David De Roure, Carole A. Goble: Benchmarking workflow discovery: a case study from bioinformatics. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 21(16): 2052-2069 (2009)
  • Linking Data and Workflows. Neat idea that could be used in BioVel and Wf4Ever.
  • Total-impact and CitedIn are two websites that make it quick and easy to view the impact of a wide range of research output. 
  • Sharing and running scripts: (see analysis from Pique at






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