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Products Overview

The Research Object Digital Library (RODL) realizes the backbone services of Wf4Ever software architecture for the preservation of research objects. The main interface of RODL is a set of REST APIs, among which the two primary ones are the RO API and the RO Evolution API. RODL can be used as the backend of different client applications. For instance, the development version of myExperiment has used it as a backend for storing packs. The reference client of RODL is the RO Portal, developed alongside RODL to test new features and expose all available functionalities. The design decisions included:

  • Modular system implementation: RODL has been implemented using a modular approach, which allows a more flexible maintenance, extension, integration and interoperability.
  • Implementation of well-defined and well-documented interfaces, which provide a suitable basis of interoperability
  • Native RO support. RODL was implemented alongside the RO model. 

Vision by the end of the project



RODL+RO Portal will provide support to RO management for high quality preservation in Digital Libraries, to be demonstrated in a concrete scenario for a vertical sector.

RO Portal and RODL allow users to create, manage and publish their Research Objects, change their evolution state and make sure they are long-term preserved. RODL is a common repository for different client applications, e.g., myExperiment, RO Portal, RO Manager.

Main features of RO Portal by the end of the project:

  • Search for ROs using keywords or facets
  • Create and inspect ROs, aggregate resources
  • Create annotations about any resource:
    • Basic interface for common annotations (description, comments, etc)
    • Advanced interface for other
  • Create snapshot/releases, see versions and history of changes
  • Access several RO services (quality evaluation, recommendations, etc.)
  • Monitoring & notification of RO events
  • Authentication of users and their actions, basic access control
  • Secure storage – the resources will never be lost or damaged

Change log

RO Portal 4.8.14 (27.01.2014)

  • Cache permissions of loaded RO to avoid performance issues

RO Portal 4.8.13 (24.01.2014)

  • Open mode support

RODL 8.2.14 (24.01.2014)

  • Access model solr update fixed

RODL 8.2.13 (24.01.2014)

  • Access mode typo fixed

RODL 8.2.12 (24.01.2014)

  • Index update after mode change fix

RODL 8.2.11 (24.01.2014)

  • Open mode added

RO Portal 4.8.12 (20.01.2014)

  • Wicket serialisation problem fixed

RO Portal 4.8.11 (20.01.2014)

  • Access control support (merge accesscontrol branch)
  • Logging set to info level
  • Checklist connection problem wont crash Portal

RODL 8.2.10 (20.01.2014)

  • Annotation deleted notification improved
  • Roles and modes working
  • Permissions fixes

RODL 8.2.9 (13.01.2014)

  • Notification mechanism fixes

RODL 8.2.8 (10.01.2014)

  • Annotation notification fix

RODL 8.2.7 (10.01.2014)

  • Access control support (merge access control branch)
  • Notification mechanism fix

RODL 8.2.6 (10.01.2014)

  • Notification mechanism fix 

RO Portal 4.8.10 (08.01.2014)

  • Update notification text

RODL 8.2.5 (08.01.2014)

  • Added Test for imported zip from myExperiment
  • Updated bundle generation after changes in official prov plugin release.
  • Improve bundle generation - now also structure of folders also include subfolders
  • Improve processing RO zip - updated to support RO zip from myExperiment, including bundles automatically
  • Improve notifications
  • Update dArceo properties

RO Portal 4.8.9 (16.12.2013)

  • New popup window for transform and annotate button supporting extracting and aggregating workflow resources with new WF-RO
  • Refresh automatically folder contents panel, ro summary panel

RO Portal 4.8.8 (28.11.2013)

  • Add new checklist entry in list from Quality tab
  • Notification text updated
  • Predefined annotations list updated

RODL 8.2.4 (28.10.2013)

  • Readme updated
  • Job schedule updated
  • Notification format updated

RO Portal 4.8.7 (22.10.2013)

  • Update featured RO list
  • Fixed gramatic errors in text

RO Portal 4.8.6 (21.10.2013)

  • Page titles improved

RO Portal 4.8.5 (21.10.2013)

  • home page updated

RO Portal 4.8.4 (21.10.2013)

  • New Relations tab
  • Show sketch in RO overview tab
  • Show filesize, number of folder entries
  • Add link to quality (former stability) service web interface
  • Add ROHub Logo
  • Bug fix (advanced annotation view)

RO Portal 4.8.3 (03.10.2013)

  • New about page
  • Bug fix (basic annotation)

RO Portal 4.8.2 (19.09.2013)

  • Increase maximum size accepted of uploaded resource
  • Improve myExperiment import

RODL 8.2.3 (19.09.2013)

  • Commonly used namespaces are put as prefixes. Turtle output uses the RO URI as base bug fix (zip content aggregated inside an extra folder).
  • Add RDF file extensions to annotation bodies with no name provided.
  • Update Jena to 2.11.0 and TDB to 1.0.0.
  • Bring back ontology caching
  • Bug fix (dont fail if RO bundle does not exist)

RO Portal 4.8.1 (02.09.2013)

  • Store progress model in sesssion

RO Portal 4.8.0 (30.08.2013)

  • New and improved home page.
  • Implementation of Quality tab
  • Add transform & annotate button to call WF-RO service
  • Add "show all" button to show all annotations
  • Show all resources and annotations count

RODL 8.2.2 (30.08.2013)

  • Improve folders URIs (always end with slash)
  • Resist ontology resolution problems

RO Portal 4.7.0 (26.08.2013)

  • Users can upload RO Bundles, in particular containing workflow runs exported from Taverna*. RO Bundles will get processed as nested Research Objects. (WFE-1216)
  • Users can give RO Bundles types such as "Example workflow run", "Prospective workflow run" and "Results generating workflow run". These resource types will annotate workflow runs as well and can be used to increase the RO quality calculated by the checklist evaluation service. (WFE-1229)
  • Users can select multiple resource types for resources. (WFE-1228)
  • Small bug fixes

* Exporting worklfow runs as RO Bundles from Taverna is still under development

RODL 8.2.1 (26.08.2013)

  • bug fix (zip content aggregated inside an extra folder).

RODL 8.2.0 (21.08.2013)

  • Can upload RO Bundles which will be created as nested ROs. (WFE-1205)

RO Portal 4.6.0 (07.08.2013)

  • Users can transform workflows after adding them to the RO, provided that they are annotated with a resource type 'Workflow' (WFE-1193)
  • Users can choose to use a predefined RO template when creating a new RO based on a myExperiment resource (WFE-1196)
  • Users can update the resource that has already been aggregated (WFE-1120)
  • Small improvements (WFE-1099WFE-1101WFE-1152)
  • Small bug fixes

RO Portal 4.5.0 (19.07.2013)

  • The option to create an initial folder structure in a new RO using templates (WFE-1119)
  • Option to provide a title and description when creating a new RO.
  • Improved interface for creating RO from ZIP archives.
  • Small bug fixes.

RO Portal 4.4.0 (12.07.2013)

  • Fixed a bug with refreshing the RO page after the RO metadata is loaded
  • Migrated to Wicket 6.9.0
  • Added an experimental option to create an RO from a ZIP archive of folders and resources
  • Other small bug fixes

RO Portal 4.3.0 (08.07.2013)

  • Advanced annotations: 
    • switch between basic and advanced view
    • edit any annotation or add a new one
    • display hints for editing properties
  • Edit resource type, choose from a predefined list based on ?Annotations implementation guidelines release 1
  • Move resources between folders
  • Faster RO page loading
  • Better 404 Not Found page

RO Portal 4.2.0 (14.06.2013)

See all related Jira issues.

RODL 8.1.2 (14.06.2013)

  • Can download Trig files (WFE-1068)
  • Can annotate folders (WFE-1083)
  • Usernames returned in RO API responses (WFE-1095)
  • Prototype connection to dArceo

RO Portal 4.1.0 and RODL 8.1.0 (21.05.2013)

Feature backlog

  • Portal user interface redesign:
    • Adding/managing resources and folders
    • Creating and viewing annotations (filters,...)
  • Viewing the evolution history, providing reports of changes
  • New main page for Portal - more informative, introductory
  • Integrate the recommender service
  • Basic access control in RODL and Portal: public/private, a list of editors
  • Stress tests
  • Notifications about changes in the RO quality
  • Integration with collaboration models (myExperiment friends, google+, academia,...)
  • New notifications: RO/resource cited or commented
  • Statistics in RO Portal: how many times cited and commented
  • Evolution wizard for assistance in creating snapshots/archives, option to fork ROs
  • Authorship of RO resources (uploader vs. author/contributor)
  • Improved and seamless integration of other Wf4Ever services (quality, stability, recommendations, collaboration) 
  • New notifications: changes in quality based on the Stability Service (integration with stability service) 
  • Special annotations: 
    • assistance in attribution (attribute other ROs or external resources when creating RO, authors of resources) 
    • suggest title and description for new ROs 
  • Improved faceted search as the main exploration mechanism: sort by comments, domain facet 
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