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  • (Khalid) Create resources and annotation automatically in the portal given a ttl file. In order to assit users in creating ROs within RODL, it would be desirable if given a ttl file containing resources and relationships between them, RODL populate the RO with those resources and define the relationships (properties) between those resources in the ttl as annotations. (fixed, Khalid please review and close)

  • (Dani/Oscar) I haven't been able to add links to external URIs identifying resources. Since almost all my resources are external, I had to edit the manifest manually. (fixed, Dani/Oscar please review and close)

  • (Dani) I can't say that a resource can be downloaded from an external URI (right now I think that the download links are generated automatically by the system using the URI). (fixed, Dani/Oscar please review and close)

  • (Dani) I can't create folders on my RO. Maybe from the manifest?

  • (Dani) When I tried to upload my manifest, I wasn't able to replace it with RODL REST API. I was logged in with my google id, but I couldn't get access to replace the RDF of the manifest.

Piotr: It is not straightforward to do it using e.g. curl. I should post some info about how to do it soon, meanwhile you can use ro-manager. This may also help meanwhile:

  • If I add properties to the manifest and they are not encoded in the RO model, the system won't recognize them (at least this is what Raul said. I haven't been able to test it yet because of the authentication problem)

Piotr: All properties are treated equal, not only those form RO model. If you find any example of what is not working, let me know or better, create a Jira issue. (fixed)

  • (Oscar) When I want to add resources, there should be a type of resource called "Other" or something similar, so that we are not restricting ourselves to the ones identified.

  • (Oscar) I should be able to generate any RDF triple relating an RO with any other RO, not only relations between elements inside the RO.

Piotr: what do you mean by "generate any RDF triple"? Which application should generate it and how?

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