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Attendees: Kristina, Oscar, Piotr

Objective: analyse current status of RO-ification processes and see what is needed next



DECISIONs to be made:

1. Including all management functionalities of RO manager into myExperiment or keeping myExperiment as a DL and having a separate RO manager

2. Keeping RO manager as a command line tool or including its functionalities in a user interface (e.g., Taverna, Wings, etc.). Probably first concentrating only on Taverna, as the command line interface is still available.

3. Does it make sense to do a Taverna hackathon later on? Similar to what happened for AstroTaverna


1. Check what is required to generate a Taverna plugin or at least the functionalities from a menu option (we can check with Julián or Aleix)

2. Kristina/Pique/Graham to complete a bit the report on what is needed for the RO manager in terms of functionalities. For the time being the must-haves are mostly covered, now moving into the nice-to-haves

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