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Agenda and Minutes

Coordinator: Dani

Apologies: Sean, Oscar


Call will use Oxford's Webex:

Chat log:  

Convene, apologies, agenda bashing (5 mins)

  • Objective of this call: mainly check how we are doing towards the review. Probably we will not even get further during the call than on RO model publication strategy. If we have time, we can start discussing about RO model v2.0, since it will be useful to determine next plans.
  • I was thinking that we can allocate 10 mn in the call to discuss about the limitations of the current RO model. This is to get ready for the review and prepare some answers to question that may be asked in the review.

RO in the review: WP presentations, user demo and technical demo

  • Presentations:
    • Mainly in Sean's presentation of WP2.
    • A few bits in WP3 and WP4 presentations. Message: RO model is the basis for all these things that we are doing (recommendations, I&A, provenance, etc.) 
    • A few bits in WP5 and WP6 presentations. Message: this is how the RO is being used, this is our gap analysis, etc.
  • User demo
    • Status?
  • Technical demo
    • Status of the RO integration in Piotr's portal? Is it functional?
    • Status of Taverna export? Is it functional?
    • Status of recommender service? Is it functional and deployed?
    • Anything else?
  • Final message: We have to make sure that all the relevant aspects of the RO model are presented in the review. We have worked a lot and have lots of material, and it would be a pity to lose something. Things that I think that will not be considered (don't see where to put them)
    • RO lifecycles: live ROs, published ROs, etc.
    • Tools for RO management

RO Model

  • Publication strategy:
    • RO Specification (the hardcore spec): basically what we have in the wiki, with any updates needed.
    • RO Primer (a 5 pager motivating use and explaining the basics): to convince people like Lourdes and Marco's friends (not yet acquaintances)
    • RO paper (coordinated by Khalid). Probably in SePublica2011. To be discussed this afternoon.
  •  Next versions (v0.2)
    • RO provenance. Input: work made by Esteban (OPM) and Raúl for connecting provenance model to the evolution of the RO. Compare with other existing ontologies like Changeset, that is already integrating OPMV. Is this what we need?.
    • Other bullets in the RO gap analysis. Mainly:
      • How to connect internal parts of an RO? (ranging from bibliography to libraries and WS).
      • Versioning
      • Privacy

Previous Actions 

  • Stian: Use RO Model with Taverna provenance and workflow definitions. Stian to provide a write up of the proposed tool chain/methodology for RO ontology maintenance and publication. Should also include consideration of how content is pushed to iSOCO's servers
  • Daniel: draft of mapping between provenance vocabularies

Next Steps

  • How are the Taverna export and the protal going to be connected? We need an intermediate tool.

Meeting Minutes

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