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Agenda and Minutes

Coordinator: Oscar

Apologies: Sean

Participants: Dave, Aleix, Marco, Kristina, Daniel, Carole, Esteban, Khalid, Piotr, Pique, Raúl, Stian

Call will use Oxford's Webex:

Chat log:  2012-01-04-ro.txt

Convene, apologies, agenda bashing (5 mins)

RO demo and review

Discussions with Marco and other users about what to show in the demo and what to show in the WP presentation

  • Marco: commenting on needs from users for RO demo
    It should be like a storyline for how a user can use some tools that we have provided, so he can do his usual work to some extent, and then as a result we show that the RO model supports this - to do the work
    • What we want to demonstrate is how to create a research object and what are the benefit of doing so, rather than presenting the model itself
    • that is, show by example
  • In WP descriptions we will go into details, and especially in WP2 description we will describe the RO model, we show the elements, say how we are reusing annotation, provenance, etc
    • And as examples we link back to what was in the demo
  • Important for Marco and Lourdes to know what is functional now and what is not
    • Command line tool
    • Portal
    • Annotations
    • etc. 

Status of RO model

  • It's frozen since December 1st. Version v0.1
  • How to deal with ROs since they use named graphs. Any tools available?
    • Difficult: text editor, or as Raúl explains: If you try to download an RO you can retreat the manifest or you can download the content negotiation to get in TriG format all annotations in the same file
    • Marco: But what about doing it in a manually in tools who don't support named graphs (to be precise it's NG4J, an extension to Jena)
      • No answer....
  • Carole complains about lack of detailed information of where we are. She has to give a talk but has no clue of where to start, where to get presentations from, etc.
    • Current model: Research+Object+Vocabulary+Specification+v0.1. But this is a hardcore document. We need an RO primer.
    • Important to have a set of presentations that can be reused by Carole. This will be available for the review.
  • Stian work
    • extract wf description from Taverna Workflows. Next step is to extract provenance this week. Talk to Esteban about his approach. To make the extraction RO compliant of PROV-O compliant?
  • Piotr
    • Current store implements the RO model, some discussion on the list on model-specific resources. But implements the mode3l. Tools such as RO portal use this, and implement the model. For instance using AO for annotations, etc. The ROSRS service allows you to store or update manifest, resources and annotations about these. Any annotations or statements about these, put them into the manifest or annotation body, which gets linked - so up to the client to use the proper bits of the model. As such the ROSRS does not go into the details. In the RO portal you can make annotations as well, for instance statements about a resource, the web site will suggest some properties, like the command line tool. But you can put your custom stuff in, but then need to know what properties you want to make
  • Esteban
    • Working on the AI. A prototype that make use of user actions to develop workflow decay, but need to work it into the model, but then  need incorporate user actions into the RO model. The details on this page is all needed. Probably not possible to do this for the review but we can show the prototype as an ongoing.. Can integrate user actions into the model, then we can get into the AI, show the decay of the workflow those action map to the processes in the existing RO... how to recommend processes when building a workflow
  • Oscar:
    • recommender now will use the CSA algorithm, and is RO compliant. It will allow recommending parts of the workflow.

Action Review

  • Stian: Use RO Model with Taverna provenance and workflow definitions (this was said to be Stian's holiday work ;-))
  • Piotr: Use of RO Model in RO SRS

RO Model

  • ACTION: Stian to provide a write up of the proposed tool chain/methodology for RO ontology maintenance and publication. Should also include consideration of how content is pushed to iSOCO's servers
  • ACTION: Daniel will circulate a draft of mappings between provenance vocabularies
    • Daniel circulated the draft several weeks ago. He got feedback from Stian and Khalid, and he will create a wiki page with everything updated.

Next Steps

Paper about ROs. Where? When?

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