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Agenda and Minutes

Coordinator: Sean



Call will use Oxford's Webex:

Chat log: WebEx Chat Log\

Convene, apologies, agenda bashing (5 mins)

Next steps with the RO model (10 mins)

UML Model Khalid. Annotations in/out of the model.

OWL Ontology Khalid, Sean

myExperiment Packs (5 mins)

Initial analysis of myExperiment packs. Sean

Workflow Decay (10 mins)

Workflow decay examples. Check Workflow Decay example. The TB-Drugome. Oscar

Provenance in the RO Model (10 mins)

Discussion of the incorporation of provenance into the RO model. See RO model with workflow. Graham

RO Model SWOT Analysis

Draft SWOT analysis.

Open Actions (5 mins)

  • ACTION (Oscar/Gema, next RO call): provide a list of the micro-services from one of the tools that Gema presented, and checklist whether they are applicable to our preservation requirements, and how they are related to preservation-related tasks of users.
  • ACTION (Oscar/Gema/Raúl, next RO call): take thisgrouping of new preservation modules in dLibra, combine it with the list of micro-services aforementioned, and checklist how many of those services and broad functionalities are needed by our Astro and Bio users. This action subsumes the previous one.
  • ACTION (Oscar): once the list is ready, put it on the wiki to gather comments from everybody.
  • ACTION (Raúl/Gema/Rafa): assessment of OAI compliance of dLibra, and preservation functionality compliance of dLibra
  • ACTION (all): prepare a set of examples of workflow decay in our use cases and also external (e.g., Daniel's example of proteins' decay in his work with Yolanda) and discuss about it in a specific RO call
  • ACTION (Oscar): ask users about workflow decay examples

Next Call

Next call: 23/11/2011 (main topic: TBC)

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