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Participants: Jun, Rafa, Oscar, Dani, Paolo, Dave, Sean, Guillermo, Raul,

Phone numbers 

  • Spain: +34 (0)912 75 4122
  • UK: +44 (0)20 700 51000
  • Netherlands: +31 (0)20 201 5493
  • Participant code: 702 917 578 


See WebEx Chat Log.

This is only a partial log (last few minutes missing). One important thing that came up was the separation of referencing from access. We may well have references to content (e.g. URIs to things in a Dropbox) that are not accessible to everyone, but about which we still want to state things and include metadata. For example a data set. It would be nice to be able to supply some analog of the 404/303 that directs a client towards the person/organisation that would be able to grant access. 

Actions (from previous meetings, to update during the call)

  • Action: to UPM to create the table for the manifesto** Partially on hold until we decide how to align with the work being done by Sean and Guillermo, so as to avoid duplication** However, work has focused on the stereotypes: check Research Object Stereotypes
  • Action: to UPM to work with IAA in the following two weeks, to fill in the table with + or -'s and examples if possible, trying to abstract the methodology used so that it can be applicable to other domains (Alex will start working at UPM next week, and he will lead this work)
  • Action: to Manchester to check SYSMO PALs meeting to do the same.
  • Action: to all Continue identifying, for external use, the key R's or P's to be shown
  • Action to Marco: take a look at the properties and dimensions. and talk to the biologists aksing them how do you do experiments and how do you preservation.
  • Action to Pique: take a look at the properties and dimensions. and I will talk to the astronomers aksing them how do you do experiments and how do you preservation.
  • Action to Marco: identify roles and which ones are important (with his colleagues)
  • Action to Pique: identify what kind of workflows they are interested in and what kind of different roles are related to these workflows, which are more important in the context of a workflow
  • Action to all: review the presentation slides ([]) and give feedback to Arch TF
  • Action to all: have a short skype meeting to gather user's requirement to the architecture design, on 4-Feb, 2011

Next call

10amGMT/11amCET 2 March 2011

Coordinator: TBD

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