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Some Feedback

Jose Enrique Ruiz
16 September 2011 18:14
Wf4Ever User RO Annotator Mockup

Hi all,
as promised on the last User Telcon I give you some feedback for the RO Annotator Mockup ( )

1. As I said, I think that for a non-familiar user the main functionality of the application is easily inferred, which is "This serves to annotate the content of a research object". And this is one of the more powerful assets arising from its design, not to feel the need to search any help file explaining how things work.

2. Though it seems possible to annotate any single component in the RO, I miss the functionality of adding/editing annotations related to the whole RO (e.g. still not well solved issues, general purpose of research, assumptions made, hypothesis to be proven, etc.. )

3. It would also be useful to allow for adding "personal notes", not so much as annotations on specific components but as a new type of individual single component of the RO (like the ones we find in folders Datasets, Scripts, etc). These notes should be of great value for "the me scientist", in principle these will not be accessed from anyone else. I think that the fact of having a new entity Notes as an RO component eases management of access rights.

4. Besides the annotations proposed in the mockup, other kinds of annotations could be "Additional info" where the user could for ex. just paste an URI to a resource providing additional info on the component.

5. A kind of annotation labelled "Related to" could allow adding one or several others resources that the user consider related in some kind (e.g. a dataset maybe related to other older releases, a paper maybe related to a dataset or a script, etc.), although I don't think the relations among incoming data, processes and results should be declared with this tool.

6. I'm also thinking on adding annotations for "Quality" in order to assess the subjective component in quality metrics.

7. In order to alleviate external resources decay, "Similar" labelled annotations could allow the addition of alternatives for external web services or external data.

8. Finally, I revisit forking and conditional flow control logic in astronomy workflows. We can deal with this issue considering different versions of RO arising from different thresholds in control logic, or we can add annotations to output data or processed specifying the threshold that has triggered the process.

All these considerations have been extracted from scenarios:

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