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2013: Publication Plans (useful for the Knowledge Hub)

Please, complete the data in order to know in which dissemination materials are you working now or you are planning to work this year.

  • Event
  • Overview of the contents to submit
  • Deadline
  • Wf4Ever people involved

Ideas for the coming months

  1. Identification of Macros in Taverna workflows (People: Esteban, Dani and Khalid)
  2. Comparing/analyzing the provenance traces in PRovBench
    People: Dani, Pinar, Stian, Jun?, and Khalid
    (Please contact Khalid if you want to get involved in this thread)
  3. Exploring provenance
    People: Stian, Julian, kristina, Dani, Khalid, Jun?
    (Please contact Stian if you want to get involved in this thread)
  4. ROification of myExperiment
    People: Stian, Kevin, Don, Kristina, Julian, Sean
  5. RO architecture, performance and design and the API level (less about the components and more at the APIs)
    People: Kevin, Stian, Piotr, Graham, Sean
  6. RO guidelines (contact: Jun)

Ongoing academic publication plans

  • A journal publication on the RO model (Contact: Khalid and Jun). Khalid is working currently on the comments he received from Wf4Ever members. The plan is to submit it by the end of June.
  • A publication on AstroTaverna, to be submitted by the end of June 2013 (Contact: Pique, Stian and Julian)
  • Journal of Web Semantics Special Issue on E-Science ( Extended workflow decay analysis. Deadline: 2013-7-31. (Contact: Jun, Khalid, Dani)
  • An extended journal paper on the motif work to FGCS. The paper is being revised by Dani and Pinar (Contact: Dani)
  • RO Bundle. To be submitted to the Linked Science Workshop mid-July. (Contact Stian)
  • Ranking SNP-metabolite pairs by knowledge discovery. Target journal: Nature Genetics. (Contact: Kristina)
  • Explain your data by Concept Profile Analysis Web Services. Target: Bioinformatics application notes (Contact: Kristina)


  • Raul/Kevin submitted a paper to the DPRMA 2013 workshop.
  • Jun submitted a paper to ISWC Inuse Track paper on refactored Minim checklist (Contact: Jun)
  • PAV ontology: Provenance, Authoring and Versioning. Submitted to the Journal of Biomedical Semantics (Contact Stian)
  • Bio-RO at Journal of Biomedical Semantics. Submitted on the 10th of May 2013. (Contact Kristina)

Completed and accepted

  • Summarization of Scientific Workflows. Submitted to IEEE BigData (Contact Pinar)
  • Pique published a note on Scientific Workflows in VO.
  • Publication of stability assessment at sepublica workshop @ ESWC'13 (Contact: Esteban and Jose)
  • Linked Science workshop proposal at ISWC'13 (Contact: Jun)
  • Talk to the Case-Based Reasoning community on how to use Research Objects. March 19th. Responsible: Oscar
  • DPRMA 2013 workshop at JCDL13  (Contact: Kevin)
  • TPDL 2013 joint tutorial with TIMBUS (Contact: Kevin, Raul, Dani)

Target venues


  • WORKS workshop 
  • ISWC/In-use track
    • May 8, 2013, 11:59pm Hawaii time (Abstract Submission)
    • May 17, 2013, 11:59pm Hawaii time (Full Paper Submission)
  • IEEE eScience
    • May 24, 2013  (deadline extended)

Target journals

Band A

  • Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (A*)
  • Library and Information Science Research (A*)
  • The Information Society (A)
  • Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (A*)

Band B

  • International Journal on Digital Libraries (B)
  • Journal of Digital Information (B)
  • Journal of Knowledge Management (B)
  • Library trends (B)
  • D-Lib Magazine (B)
  • Online Information Review (B)
  • Journal of Scholarly Publishing (C)
  • Learned publishing (C)
  • Publishing Research Quarterly (C)

Future Standards Publications

W3C Provenance PROV-O (currently W3C Rec)

W3C Provenance PRO-AQ (Graham) (currently working draft, next round aiming for final working draft for W3C NOTE)

2013-03-14: outsanding issues triaged (resolved / further change needed / out-of-scope).
2013-03-21: resolved outstanding issues; document updated to reflect issues consensus; call for final reviews (2 week period).
2013-04-04: all review comments clarified and/or resolved.
2013-04-11: update spec for resolved issues arising from reviews.
2013-04-18: document clean, all issues closed, ready for staging.

Submitted publications -- 2013

  • ISMB/ECCB'13 workshop proposal (Accepted; Contact: Marco)
  • Description on RO+nanopublication from a bio point of view @ DILS'13 (Contact: Marco)
  • An extended journal paper on the motif work (Contact: Dani)
  • iPres tutorial with TIMBUS (Contact: Kevin, Raul, Dani)
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