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  1. Carole Goble co-organised Beyond the PDF2 Conference ( specificly the session on Reproducibility and Altmetrics.
  2. Khalid Belhajjame and Jun Zhao, co-organised the ProvBench Challenge, co-located at EDBT'13
  3. Khalid Belhajjame co-organised theEDBT Prov Tutorial
  4. Kevin Page, Jun Zhao and Raul Palma, co-organised the 1st International Workshop on the Digital Preservation of Research Methods and Artefacts (DPRMA 2013) at JCDL 2013.
  5. Jun Zhao co-organised the ESWC Prov Tutorial
  6. Kevin Page, Daniel Garijo, and Raul Palma, co-organised "From Preserving Data to Preserving Research - Curation of Process and Context" tutorial at iPres 2013 (10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects), September, Lisbon, Portugal.
  7. Kevin Page, Daniel Garijo, and Raul Palma, co-organised "From Preserving Data to Preserving Research - Curation of Process and Context" tutorial at TPDL 2013 (17th International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries), September, Valletta, Malta.
  8. Kevin Page met with members of the TIMBUS project from Secure Business Austria at their offices in Vienna in January 2013.
  9. José Enrique Ruiz meet with Spanish Virtual Observatory representatives to start a collabortation in the migration of VO use cases to AstroTaverna workflows.January 2013.
  10. José Enrique Ruiz leads a one-day school on AstroTaverna workflows for the Spanish Virtual Observatory team. April 2013
  11. Kevin Page is a member of the W3C Linked Data Protocol (LDP) Working Group (2012-2014) including participation in weekly telcons and face-to-face meetings in Lyon, Boston, and Madrid.
  12. Sean Bechhofer spoke to a meeting of North West e-Health (NWeH) in May 2013.
  13. Carole Goble, Sean Bechhofer, Jun Zhao, Stian Soiland-Reyes and Khalid Belhajjame met with representatives from Health e-Research Centre in Manchester in May 2013.
  14. Carole Goble, Sean Bechhofer, Stian Soiland-Reyes met with representatives from the ER-flow and SHIWA projects in May 2013.
  15. José Enrique Ruiz and Julian Garrido agree with EU FP7 VAMDC Project (Kevin Beson) on a collaboration for use and developments on Astrotaverna plugin March 2013.
  16. José Enrique Ruiz and Julian Garrido contribution to semantic interoperability of Web Services in IVOA. Parameter Description Language proposal accepted for RFC in Heidelberg Interop. May 2013.
  17. IAA group meet ER-flow project representatives in Granada for study the adoption of astronomical workflows in ER-flow platform. July 2013.
  18. Kevin Page attended the JISC Virtual Research Environment Synthesis & Evaluation study workshop in London, February 2013.


  1. The Wf4Ever Team Member (Khalid Belhajjame, Jun Zhao, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Daniel Garijo and Graham Klyne) have been the key contributors to the latest release of the W3C PROV Candidate Recommendations (December 2012)
  2. Kevin Page, Jun Zhao and Sean Bechhofer and Raul Palma had a successful collaboration telcon with the EU TIMBUS project, which led to possible future collaborations on preservation for digital reproducibility (December 2012)
  3. Khalid Belhajjame, Jun Zhao and Jose Manuel Gomez Perez co-organized the Provenance Benchmark Challenge, to be co-located at the European Database Conference (March 2013)
  4. Carole Goble (UNIMAN) discussed joint collaborations (ongoing) with the USA GenomeSpace project ( regarding myExperiment, Research Objects and Provenance (14 July 2012 and ongoing in telcons). Wrote in support of their renewal grant.
  5. Carole Goble (UNIMAN) discussed joint collaborations (ongoing) with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory regarding myExperiment and Research Objects (14 November 2012)
  6. Jun Zhao (OXF) co-organized the Second Linked Science Workshop, co-located at ISWC2012 (12th November 2012)
  7. Jun Zhao (OXF) co-organized the Provenance Tutorial, co-located at ISWC 2012 (11th November 2012)
  8. Graham Klyne (OXF) participated at the Fourth Face to Face meeting of the Provenance Working Group (9th and 10th November 2012).
  9. Daniel Garijo (UPM) took an successful internship with Yolanda Gil at ISI (15th July to 15th October 2012)
  10. Kritina Hettne (LUMC) advised the BioVel users on best practices of create packs/ROs (17-18 October 2012)
  11. Khalid Belhajjame(UNIMAN) participated at the Third Face to Face meeting of the Provenance Working Group (22nd and 23rd June 2012).
  12. Khalid Belhajjame, Jun Zhao and Jose Manuel Gomez Perez co-organized the Third International Workshop on the role of Semantic Web in Provenance Management, co-located at the Extended Semantic Web Conference (May 2012)
  13. Asunción Gómez-Pérez (UPM) participated in the "Data Infrastructures and e-science for Human Safety Workshop" organised by the EC diXA/DG INFSO ( (25th May 2012)
  14. Jose Manuel Gomez Perez (iSOCO) and Oscar Corcho (UPM) attached the Dagstuhl Semantic Data Management Workshop (April 2012)
  15. Carole Goble, Jun Zhao, and Daniel Garijo attended the Dagstuhl Principles of Provenance Workshop (February 2012)
  16. Graham Klyne (OXF) participated at the Second Face to Face meeting of the Provenance Working Group (2nd and 3rd February 2012)
  17. Jose Enrique Ruiz (IAA) agrees with astronomy digital library NASA/ADS on starting a collaboration in which Wf4Ever will study RO model compliance of ADS aggregated referenced content (November 2012)
  18. Julian Garrido (IAA) and Jose Enrique Ruiz (IAA) start a collaboration with Paris-Meudon Observatory in order to provide access to semantically self-described web services with PDL language through AstroTaverna plugin (November 2012)
  19. Jose Enrique Ruiz (IAA) and Julian Garrido (IAA) advertised AstroTaverna plugin in VO community through IVOA mailing list and IVOA Newsletter  (October 2012)
  20. Graham Klyne has participated in the NISO ResourceSync working group, including attending two face-to-face meetings.


  1. Khalid Belhajjame participated at the First Face to Face meeting of the Provenance Working Group (6th and 7th July 2011).
  2. Khalid Belhajjame gave a talk on workflow preservation at the eScience conference in Stockholm (December 2011).
  3. Carole Goble was interviewed in the Bio-IT World article Democratizing Informatics for the 'Long Tail' Scientist (March 31, 2011)
  4. Carole Goble attended Elsevier's Executable Paper Grand Challenge (June 2011) and participated as a member of the judging panel
  5. Carole Goble and David De Roure attended the Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop (11331) on The Future of Research Communication (August 2011)
  6. David De Roure presented Elsevier Labs Online Lecture 'Towards Executable Research Objects' (November 2011)
  7. Herbert van der Sompel visited UNIMAN to discuss use of Open Annotation Collaboration in ROs (September 2011)
  8. David De Roure attended the Microsoft 2011 eScience Workshop: Transforming Scholarly Communication in Cambridge, Mass (October 23--25, 2011) and facilitated the "Platforms" theme
  9. Khalid Belhajjame, Graham Klyne, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Daniel Garijo, Paolo Missier and Jun Zhao, active participants in the W3C Provenance Working Group (Since April 2011)
  10. Jun Zhao, active participants in the W3C Health Care Life Science Interest Group
  11. Stian Soiland-Reyes, participated in SCAPE/IMPACT Taverna hackathon
  12. Jose Manuel Gomez Perez, Future Internet - Linked Data track, Ghent, December 2010
  13. ? Raul Palma initiated contact with Angella Dapper from the digital preservation coalition at the iPress 2011 conference for discussion collaboration with project Timbus. Carole Goble to take the lead.
  14. Marco Roos attended the Galaxy Community Conference, (Lunteren May 25-26, Netherlands) where he participated in the break out session covering Galaxy workflows as publishable artefacts, and organised a Taverna-Galaxy meeting.
  15. Jose Enrique Ruiz (IAA) together with André Schaaff (vice-chair of IVOA Web Services WG) create an group of interest for workflows and a specific mailing list for workflows in IVOA, sending a collaborative draft for an IVOA Note. June 2011
  16. Jose Enrique Ruiz (IAA) explores with Helio-VO workflow developers Anja Leblan and Donal Fellows differences and similarities with VO-services based workflows, and astronomy workflows in general. July 2011
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