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This document provides a quick summary of the key outcomes produced by the project. 


Individual outcome


Research Object Model.
Models, ontologies, and vocabularies for workflow preservation in Astronomy


Wf4Ever Architecture


RO Management Software Portfolio  (RO-enabled myExperiment, RO Digital Library, RO Manager command-line tool and RO Portal)
Extension of existing Astronomy­specific tools with Wf4Ever


Completeness and stability algorithms
Recommendation algorithms for ROs
Provenance-based workflow analysis algorithms


Research objects, workflows and services in Astronomy and Genomics.
Genome­Wide Association Study (GWAS) interpretation workflows
Workflows to interpret the relation between epigenetic markers and differential gene expression in Huntington's Disease.


Integrity and Authenticity Evaluation Service
Recommender service
Collaboration Spheres
Web services for data integration, interpretation, and relation finding in Genomics.


Best practices for workflow design.
Best practices for Preservation Planning of Workflows (see D8.5v1_v1.1 section 5)

Standards contributions

Lead participation in the W3C Provenance Working Group (
Active participation in the W3C Open Annotation Community Group (
Lead participation in the W3C Research Object for Scholarly Communication Community Group (ROSC;
Participation in the OAI/NISO ResourceSync Framework Specification (
Contribution to PDL for semantic interoperability of WS in IVOA Grid and Web Services WG (
Active involvement in alignment of ISA tools (Investigation, Study, Assay;, Nanopublication (, and ROs Contribution to the development of Nanopublications, in particular for provenance of computational experiments.



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