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  1. Intro and Agenda Bashing
  2. User telco brief summary
  3. Update on the annotations/linking mockups work with users
  4. Command line-tools update
    1. Discussion about the sentinel folder proposed by Graham
    2. Local and repository functionality
    3. Plan for RO-SRS based tools and potential cooperation with Graham's tools 
  5. Wf4Ever User management service
    1. Overview of service
    2. Integration of clients
  6. myExp import tool
  7. myExp progress reporting  
  8. Plans for ROBox -before and after Jits go:(
    1. Update to RO-SRS v3?
  9. Architecture design preparation for the Poznan meeting
  10. AOB


  • Raul
  • Piotr
  • Dave
  • Stian
  • Jits
  • Kristina
  • Graham
  • ...?

Coordinator: Raul

Date: Wednesday 31th August 2011

Time: 11am (BST) / 12pm (CEST)

Duration: max 60 minutes.

For WebEx details see: [Telecons#ARCHTFTelecon|]

Chat Log

See attached file


  • Jits to work on the annotations/linking prototypes with users for the next couple of weeks. Initially with Marco/Kristina
  • Pique will be the evaluator, and will provide SAMP scenarios.
  • GK continue with command line tools. Initially focusing on doing the local implementation, then how to connect to backend. Using a folder (e.g., .ro_manifest/) to add the manifest and maybe some other information later.
  • GK to start wiki page with concrete representation of the RO manifest, including the metadata elements with mappings in myExp, dLibra as necessary.
  • Piotrek will contact GK next week to start collaboration when implementing RO-SRS based command line tools
  • Jits, Piotrek to look how to connect the Wf4Ever user management service with ROBox. Goal to have it by Poznan meeting working altogether.
  • Piotrek, to import metadata file as well as part of import process (for later processing)
  • Dave? to send email update with bullet points about myExp meetings
  • Raul to check availability of rooms to meet Wednesday 5th October with Architecture people in Poznan, one day before plenary.
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