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  1. Intro and Agenda Bashing
  2. Update on current status
    1. Prototype 
    2. Sandbox
    3. Tests
  3. Holistic view of Architecture
  4. Roadmap for future work
    1. Architecture definition
    2. Prototype 2
    3. myExperiment integration
  5. Discuss next Arch face to face meeting
    1. Agenda
  6. Dissemination
    1. Papers/demos
  7. AOB



Date: 2011-07-06

Time: 11am (BST) / 12pm (CEST)

Duration: max 60 minutes.

For WebEx details see: Telecons

Chat Log


  • To extract from D2.1,3.1 and 4.1 the requirements, prioritized, and use them to inform the architecture definition
  • To extract user requirements from D5.1 and 6.1 and use them to inform the architecture definition
  • Graham to form live document of (initially Bio) user requirements
  • Stian/Jits/Pique to fill in live document with Astro user reqs
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