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  1. Intro and Agenda Bashing
  2. Discussion about the implementation (and specification) of dLibra Store&Retrieve layer interface
  3. Discussion about the Dropbox implementation (and specification)
  4. Discussion about the overall prototype - 
    1. the integration process
    2. the user accounts mapping/synchronization between different components. 
  5. Development infrastructure - Git, Jira, release
  6. Deliverable 1.2
  7. Overall plan review
    1. next steps after prototype
  8. Wiki and website update actions (standing agenda item in all task force meetings)
  9. AOB


  • Raúl
  • Jits
  • Stian
  • Guillermo

Coordinator: Raúl

Phone numbers

Call will use Oxford's WebEx. Note the call is booked from 10am GMT so that it can also be used by RO meeting. 

  • UK toll 020 700 51000
  • UK toll-free 0800 028 1181
  • Spain toll +34 (0)912 75 4122
  • Spain toll free 900 97 4458
  • Poland toll free 00800 4411771
  • Access code:157 357 5486


  • RO SRS version 1 completed (see details in Research Objects Digital Library)
  • ROBox under development (see details in Dropbox RO Connector (ROBox))
  • Dropbox synchronization issues
    • for now we will just have to inspect the whole tree for the current state and compare to existing state in the backend
    • sync options will be configurable. We're not sure yet what timings would be reasonable, until we have it up and running
    • initial sync mechanism between Dropbox -> RO SRS - 
      • RO SRS provides updates on the manifest
      • we may need the other way in the future
    • for now we can only sync one particular Dropbox account, until application is approved by dropbox
  • In ROBox, GEM created separately to test it without having the full Rails environment up, making it reusable and isolating REST API changes
  • what should that workspace be called?
    • proposed: dropbox-(dropboxAccoundId), e.g., dropbox-123123
  • RO Versions
    • at this point we assume RO versions are created explicitly by the user (like an SVN tag when the user wants to publish the RO somehow)
  • Document more in Jira
  • Deliverable 1.2
    • Sandbox -> create VM, put all the components we are using for prototype1 into the VM 
    • Working sandbox? Yes
      • but if we package it up then the keys we are using with Dropbox then the keys will claim it is RObox
      • It could be like a first-setup-wizard or README-config-file
    • any other alternative API clients? ike the make-template-RO-magic
    • Also package up some example RO data
  • prototype is informing the architecture, not an exemplar of the architecture
  • will we discuss prototype 2 at the F2F
    • Two things - second iteration of prototype 1, and another prototype to explore other aspects
  • Check if PSNC can host ROBox in VM with admin access for Jits & Stian
  • ROBox will be running in one week
  • Text chat in one week
  • TOC for deliverable
    See Webex log

General Plan 

  • Specification (checkpoint: Telco 2/3/2011),  -  (DONE)
    • Poznan will explore Admiral Data Package and provide a first specification of dLibra Store&Retrieve layer interface.
    • Uniman/Jits will explore DropBox API and start tests for authentication....
  • Development of components (checkpoint: 16/3/2011 ) -  (DONE)
    • Poznan to provide an initial version of component -  (DONE)
    • Uniman/Jits to provide initial version of component  -  (ONGOING)
    • Graham to provide some initial test definition? (ONGOING)
  • Development of components and integration (THIS MEETING)
    • Poznan/Uniman continue development of components and integrate them into the final prototype
  • Integration and tests (checkpoint ->next plenary meeting?)

Actions for the previous 2 weeks

  • Jits - create page in wiki describing new software, plus wiki structure for dev work
  • Poznan, Uniman - development of first version of components 
    • Integration - Dropbox connector interacting with the RO SRS
  • GK have some outline of testing regime to apply.
  • GK to upload content to the wiki about the tests (initially from the email)

Open issues

Next call

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