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  1. Intro and Agenda Bashing
  2. Discussion about the implementation (and specification) of dLibra Store&Retrieve layer interface
  3. Discussion about the Dropbox implementation (and specification)
  4. Development infrastructure
  5. Wiki and website update actions (standing agenda item in all task force meetings)
  6. AOB


Coordinator: Dave

Phone numbers

Call will use Oxford's WebEx. Note the call is booked from 10am GMT so that it can also be used by RO meeting. 

  • UK toll 020 700 51000
  • UK toll-free 0800 028 1181
  • Spain toll +34 (0)912 75 4122
  • Spain toll free 900 97 4458
  • Poland toll free 00800 4411771
  • Access code:157 357 5486


See ...

General Plan 

  • Specification (checkpoint: Telco 2/3/2011),  -  (DONE)
    • Poznan will explore Admiral Data Package and provide a first specification of dLibra Store&Retrieve layer interface.
    • Uniman/Jits will explore DropBox API and start tests for authentication....
  • Development of components (checkpoint: 16/3/2011 ) -  (THIS MEETING)
    • Poznan to provide an initial version of component -  (DONE)
    • Uniman/Jits to provide initial version of component  -  (ONGOING)
    • Graham to provide some initial test definition? (ONGOING)
  • Development of components and integration (checkpoint: 30/3/2011)
    • Poznan/Uniman continue developmet of components and integrate them into the final prototype
  • Integration and tests (checkpoint ->next plenary meeting?)

Actions for the previous 2 weeks

  • All (specially developers, users) send feedback [on RO store retrieve doc] to email list (until Friday 04/03)
  • Jits - create page in wiki describing new software, plus wiki structure for dev work
  • Poznan, Uniman - development of initial version of components (Checkpoint of initial components for next telecon,)
    • Poznan, initial version of Store & Retrieve service (SRS), as specified in the document
    • Uniman, initial version of Dropbox connector
      • Authentication, change notifications, using SRS mock up
  • GK have some outline of testing regime to apply.
  • GK to upload content to the wiki about the tests (initially from the email)

Open issues

  • See discussion thread in 

Next call

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