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Present: Piotr, Stian, Raul, Aleix, Graham

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The discussion also revisited aggregation, as this seemed relevant to the discussion.

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Broadly, follow AtomPub pattern with RO=Atom Feed, ORE proxy=Atom Item, aggregated resource = media.

Note that all ro:resources in an RO MUST have explicit proxies.

The primary option for aggregating an internal resource are:

  1. POST proxy description to RO, get back URI for proxy and resource. Proxy description has distinct MIME type and format.
  2. PUT content to resource URI

For an external, existing resource:

  1. POST proxy description to RO containing reference to resource to aggregate, get back URI for proxy

A short-cut for posting internal resources:

  1. POST content to RO, get back URI for proxy and resource.

To discover proxy URIs, read manifest.


Long form for creation

  1. Create the annotation body, get URI
  2. Post annotation node (ro:SemanticAnnotation ao:Annotation) content (including links to annotated resource and annotation body) to RO using distinct MIME type for annotation, get back details of annotation.


  1. Post annotation body to RO with Link: rel="ao:annotates" to RO. Creates aggregated resource for annotation body, then creates annotation linking it to the indicated resource. Returns URIs for annotation, annotation body and annotated resource.

Discussed but not finalized: possible annotation of proxy as opposed to annotation of final resource; may be needed for annotations with are contextualized to the RO; e.g. who added a particular external resource to an RO?


  • Piotr: write up what we've discussed as revised API
  • Piotr, Graham - tomorrow, implementation!

Chat log

(Was voice call too, many details not here)

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