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On Friday, we had a good discussion about RO SRS API and how well it fits with the RO model, especially with respect to ORE proxies. Piotr has updated ROSRS API and reviews are needed. We have agreed to review this today, and start work on other things as appropriate, with a view to deciding at tomorrow's standup whether we need to schedule another chat about the ROSRS API. Generally, we'll approach testing the API through implementation rather than more discussion.

Regarding the goal of 3 implemented APIs, we have:

  • checklist evaluation - already done (need to check it isn't affected by our subsequent discussions)
  • RO SRS - there's a lot of important detail here, and if we can achieve independent interoperable implementations of this, it will be an significant step forward. GK intends to have a bash at implementing an independent test/sample client.
  • Possible candidates for 3rd API: Recommender (depends on Rafa's progress, and available efffort? Stability (Aleix has spec, is working on implementation; do we have effort for independent client?)? Workflow runner (no spec yet)?

Also mentioned: user API, SCIM, annotations, but no firm conclusions.

It was proposed that we aim for Showcase review on Thursday, with Friday available for tidying up loose ends, but no discussion or agreement. Decide at tomorrow's stand-up?

Piotr Holubowicz:

  • What I have done - discussed the ROSR API with Graham, Kevin and Stian, updated the wiki page: the API usage and Link Relations, put my comments in yellow boxes
  • Plan - discuss the annotations API, start implementation
  • Blockers - need feedback about the API usage to start implementation

Raul Palma

  • I have finished the roevo implementation and I have been catching up with the discussion on Friday as i was unavailable.
  • Plan: start draft for evo API.
  • No blockers

Stian Soiland-Reyes

I've done:

  • Some discussions - not finished updating the wiki page. (Friday meetings with myGrid..).



  • Friday: Not much. Attended to the skype discussion about proxies .
  • Today: Working on the implementation of the service.
  • Blockers: None.


2012-06-22 - Friday:

  • Further review of RO SRS API

2012-06-25 - Monday:

Blockers/questions to resolve:

Chat log

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