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RO API discussion

The focus of this discussion was to agree a direction for manipulating RPO resource aggregation through the RO API, with a particular focus on how to de-aggregate an external resource from an RO, as this seemed to be a case which embodied all the key issues we're trying to resolve.

Conclusion: we will focus on ORE proxies for manipulating aggregations. A ORE proxy can be thought of as like a reification of an aggregation relation between an RO and a resource, and also as a kind of contextualization of the resource. Every aggregated resource in an RO has an proxy, and URIs are allocated by the RO DL. Piotr will update the RO SRS API to reflect this, with review/help/hindrance from Graham. We will investigate use of an additional link relation to simplify proxying of internal resources. (maybe a more robust way of distinguishing internal resources?), and maybe other uses.

Chat log

This was a voice call, so much of the discussion detail is not captured here.

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