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Poznan meeting Wednesday 26 January 2011

The meeting will take place at one of our locations: >> (Omega building), ul. D?browskiego 79a.  60-529 Pozna?.  11th Floor . Room 1111


  • David De Roure
  • Kevin Page
  • Raul Palma
  • Marcin Werla
  • Tomasz Parko?a
  • Cezary Mazurek

Provisional Agenda:

  1. dLibra software
    1. Architecture 
    2. software licensing
    3. user communities
    4. Future plans and what PNSC would like to get out of wf4ever
  2. myExp software
    1. Architecture 
    2. Future plans 
  3. Connection/integration between dLibra, myExp and other project software 
    1. Architectural approaches
    2. Points and mechanisms by which dLibra could interface with the other wf4ever tools and architecture
    3. Points and mechanisms by which myExp could interface with the other wf4ever tools and architecture
  4. Potential use of dlibra as part of the project infrastructure
  5. - (press release)

Summary of discussion

  • dLibra software exploration
  • myExp software exploration
  • Components in dLibra providing most relevant functionality in Wf4Ever:
    • Metadata Server
    • Content Server
    • Not required, but can be useful -> Search Server
    • Interaction with User Server (Authentication and Authorization)

Next steps:

  • Provide REST Api of dLibra services
  • Could it be possible to make RO out of dLibra data model? -> RO Task Force
  • Start initial prototypes in sandbox using such approach -> RO model delivered in M20!

How much workflow-specific should be on the DLib side?

  • We can start with what we have, then see if it becomes necessary to add some specific features.

Functionality of envisioned architecture

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