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First Architecture Task Force teleconference will be held on Tuesday 25 January 2011 at 12 noon CET (11:00 GMT) duration 60 minutes

Call info

The Webex URL is

Topic: Wf4Ever

Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time: 11:00 am, Western European Time (London, GMT)

Meeting Number: 157 586 2894

Meeting Password: workflow

UK toll 020 700 51000

UK toll-free 0800 028 1181

Spain toll +34 (0)912 75 4122

Spain toll free 900 97 4458

Poland toll free 00800 4411771

Access code: 157 586 2894


  • David De Roure
  • Raul Palma (PSNC)
  • Stian Soiland-Reyes
  • Kevin Page
  • Marcin Werla (PSNC)
  • Tomasz Parko?a (PSNC)
  • Guillermo (iSOCO)
  • Jiten Bhagat
  • Rafa (UPM)

Agenda (5 mins per item):

  1. Welcome and agenda bash
  2. Review Task Force Objectives
  3. Review Membership
  4. Agree meeting schedule
  5. Discuss planning for F2F meeting
  6. Discuss planning for Poznan meeting
  7. Software development infrastructure
  8. Dissemination (standing item)
  9. AOB

Action Points

  • For now, Architecture TF meetings will include Software development topics, e.g., Infrastructure, Guidelines, Development tasks. However as soon as it will makes sense to separate them we will do it. This is also based on the people involved, e.g., is the same people as in the architecture meetings? 
  • We will have bi-weekly meetings. We will setup a doodle poll
  • The first step in the definition of Wf4Ever Architecture will be a description of the functional requirements it must fulfill 
  • The agenda for the Architecture F2F meeting in UK will be refined after the Poznan meeting
  • The outcome of the meeting in Poznan should cover
    • Understanding of dLibra (and myExp) software, including architecture, functional description of components, communities, license model, future plans
    • Given an initial set of functionalities of Wf4Ever architecture (too early?), identify components in dLibra, myExp that can provide such functionality in the most efficient way.
    • Identify components in dLibra that can provide additional functionality, or better functionality than the ones in myExp

Transcript from WebEx chat

Stian will be taking notes
Attendance: Paolo, Jits, Stian, David, Kevin, ?? Isoco, Jun, Marcin, Rafael
Sean, Tomasz Raul, Marcin, ??

DDR have only got 45 minutes, he'll hand over the chair to the co-leader of the task force, Stian or Raul

DDR added an item about software architecture to the end of the meeting agenda

5 minutes on each item, and we'll be on time!

Agenda (5 mins per item):

1. Welcome and agenda bash
2. Review Task Force Objectives
3. Review Membership
4. Agree meeting schedule
5. Discuss planning for F2F meeting
6. Discuss planning for Poznan meeting
7. Software development infrastructure
8. Dissemination (standing item)
9. AOB

2 - Objectives
DDR: put on the wiki these objectives, but architecture is in every objective

Develop a reference architecture, explore opporturnities to explore architecture inside and outside of project
use of project to influence other outcomes (question)

In the very beginning of the project we were forced to make a separation to get delivery 1
To what extent do we want to include software development in architecture.. comments?

Jits: If not on architecture - where else would we discuss it..?
Kevin: Is it a different group of people?
Another meeting/telcon for software development purposes?

Kevin: Is Graham with us today?
Jun: No, he's not here
Kevin: Graham has clear views on infrastructure, he's missing from this call
Jun will ask if he can join us

Kevin: Clearly more on architecture than infrastructure

DDR: Would we want another group/meeting/etc, regular meeting?

Stand up meeting?

Raul: Second part of wp1 is about development

DDR: Suggestion: Keep it under architecture meeting, but split out if we see different people

Paolo: Sensible to only split when obvious


DDR: Effect on f2f meeting, include discussion there

Graham: I'm connected but having problems with audio setup on computer...
Graham: I'm in!

DDR: Architecture call Biweekly?

Yes, makes sense..

Stian: Do an doodle poll?

DDR: If we ask everyone here now, they might say yeah yeah.. another
doodle poll

ACTION DDR: Doodle poll on biweekly meeting

MEeting in OXford, agenda and logistics

Action DDR: Email about Monday dinner in Oxford

Agenda items?

Raul: Another doodle poll

Meeting in Oxford, agenda and logisitics

ddr: we can recommend hotel, we're not sure if people are travelling monday morning or Sunday

Will people stay till Tueday?

Jits: Monday evening plans? Dinner?
Raol: Yes - Poznan

Have to check availability

Can arrange a meal for Monday night

DDR to send out email about interest, advice from Jun/Graham

Agenda items?

Raul: ??

DDR: splash out agenda a bit more oover these next days

More demos, show/tell,

Stian: NEed to get down to earth and see what we're doing

Jits: Brainstorming, diagrams, boxes and arrows

DDR: Boxes and arrows are essential for architecture meeting

Graham: (Coming late ... I'm not sure what date we're looking at)

Should we include about software development?

@Graham, for meeting on 7th

DDR will discuss with Poznan

DDR and Kevin on their way to Poznan now

Jits made a GIT comment

Graham: (Thanks ... I assume that's 7 feb)

dLibra architecture, licensing, user community, future plans

similar for myExperiment

Jits: Text back-channel could be handy

we might not need anyone taking minutes

Poznan agenda on the bottom of

Raul: As we talked about agenda on Friday, on how to organize.. myExperiment..
more on the discussion on how to integrate

Raul thinks we can use as input to the table.. about deliverables

Software delivery table

What shall come out of the meeting?
Graham: Good question! (what outcomes from meeting)

dLibra colleagues have looked at myExperiment, but DDR has not yet got a full dLibra understanding

DDR: should be Informing architecture f2f

xploring opportunities on codebase, user communities

user work packages, community story to look at

How this fits with (question)

Working with existing communties - I think architectiural choices impact this. E.g. moduarity, decompisiton, composition, ...

Paolo: Q: How high in priority is it to have a dlibra installation for the project to use for references, as suggested in kickoff

this would make us familliar with it

at least at a shallow user level

Opportunity, having promised to host all our references there

DDR: Put that as Agenda item: not sure what priority it should have

3: Functional description of what architecture should furfill

Graham: dLibre insatcne for "dogfooding": It would be interesting to have access to the APIS?

technology blockss that we have so far, from myExperiment, dLibra, etc

DDR: Outcome, Document which describes requirement of architecture, components?

What we think that the architecture should provide

Stian: It's better to know what it is to DO, before we decide on what it will look like

Raul: ..

Components from dLibra, myExperiment, what kind of components that are provided, ...??

With vision of what will be the final functionality

(Name of 3 anyone?)

Document describing functional requirements

then see how we can realize them

Stuff from myXP, some from dLibra, some new

First to know what we need, and then how it will be connected

Graham: Yes (architecture - functional/technical reqs - then to design)

then make a plan

DDR: Good ambition

How do we fit in the users in this?

Jits: Good point both from DDR and Jose

Architecture discussion, functional requirement, from user discussion, much more scenarious/mockups to see what is needed

proposals, ideas with ideas, then try them on users and see what they say

that will happen as we get users more enganged


Paolo: As Jose and Manuel was saying, a good outcome would be some good old UML diagram with components

Graham :I think users come first; then arch/tech reqs chosen to address these. In theory. In pratcie, some tech choices maybe need to be made first, to enable prototypes.

describing what components are available and how they could fit together

DDR: What is the timescale for this mapping? February or June?

how to get from user req down to UML

Paolo: Think we should try

more questions than answers!

Graham: For me, as a tech requirement, I think that composition via simple web interfaces is highly desirable, so components can be mix'n'matched easily in different environments.

Multiple iterations, first iteration should be as early as practical

We might not know what components, or how to make them interact, etc., but at least it will bring questions to the table

DDR: Even if we don't get it right, we can match the functional descriptions down to what we'll actually be building

try this out early

Jose: Yeah, let's try that

Find out questions

What do we need to deliver from other meetings to the f2f

DDR: Move on to discussion on software development?

Raul: Give an overview of what we have done, Github and plans

Stian and Jits have done some work on the wiki

DDR will leave at 11:45 (5 mins), need someone else to chair

Put Dissemination on the agenda

standing item on all agendas

DDR will leave before that

Marcin: develop an infrastructure

you know we have Jira and ?, to connect it with Github

Git repository in Poznan as well

Raul: yes

we've updated wiki to what is the new reality


We've got a machine for this, ready for this

a dlibra installation

Stian: On F2F have an item to show what is the architecture, show Jira/FishEye/GitHub so we can get a good feeling about how we're going to work

Graham: I think a brief summary (in the wiki, evolvable) of intended usage would be helpful.

Not everyone has made accounts yet

URLs are in the wiki

Once we start developing software it will be useful

DDR: Early exercise

Software Development Guidelines

any other bussiness


GIT proposal: Proposal for Git Infrastructure and Process - Jan 11

something else we need to put on the wiki?

DDR: will put stuff from meeting in Poznan up on wiki

Jose have planned that in the end of each meetting we should have an action to update public facing website

we're not quite sure what to put after this meeting?

Feel free to add things to the wiki and structure as you like

Architecture page to be refactored a bit

everyone is free to contribute, not just DDR, Stian and Raul

DDR is off

and we're finished

Raul: What was AOB?
Any other business.

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