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Key actions:

  • Stian to set up further consulation with BioVEL users on myExperiment RO visualisations w/c 21st January.
  • Finn to continue looking at myExp Jira issues.
  • Finn's latest bug fixes to be applied by Don.

36:22 Sean Bechhofer: Good afternoon, and a Happy New Year to all!
36:30 Finn Bacall: hi!
41:01 Sean Bechhofer: Notes from last call (12-12-17):
41:28 Sean Bechhofer: I'll start the call in a moment.
42:03 Sean Bechhofer: Although I assume there won't be much to report from the last week or so...?
42:40 Finn Bacall: it's my first day back, so not much from me
43:11 Sean Bechhofer: I'm guessing that's the same for many people, @finn.
44:05 Sean Bechhofer: Call started
44:15 Jun: hello
44:16 Piotr Holubowicz: Hi, I can't participate today
44:30 Alan R Williams: Stian can report on his showing of the RO stuff to BioVeL
44:33 Piotr Holubowicz: talk to you on wednesday (wink)
44:34 Jun: I am in the call, but not so much to report from my side
44:35 Sean Bechhofer: Ok. Thanks @piotr. See you soon!
45:44 Sean Bechhofer: Hmm. Ok so far just Alan, Finn, Jun and me.
46:33 Alan R Williams: I will polke Stian
46:52 Sean Bechhofer: @Don is on leave today.
46:58 Stian Soiland-Reyes: hm, sorry, I thought it was at 15
47:22 Sean Bechhofer: It's been at 14:30 to accommodate Don, but he's on leave today.
47:31 Stian Soiland-Reyes: right, remember now.
48:21 Sean Bechhofer: Will you join @stian?
48:37 Stian Soiland-Reyes: So not much new from me, except for what I showed to BioVel. has the details and some screenshots.
48:58 Stian Soiland-Reyes: is a mockup that is connected to Kristina's real RO - you can navigate the folders on the right to find actual workflows
49:30 Stian Soiland-Reyes: but several of the folders are still empty with what I found in the proto-RO this was populated from - like config/. This was based on the folder structure suggested by Kristina and Pique.
49:42 Sean Bechhofer: Ok. Shall we do this via chat then (if there's not much to report from Finn or Alan).
50:52 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: A serious of mockups moving from white board to static HTML.
50:59 Sean Bechhofer: A few real live bits in between.
51:17 Sean Bechhofer: We can see what it looks like and theb move to something more formal in terms of user feedback.
51:26 Sean Bechhofer: A brief demo to biovel.
51:34 Sean Bechhofer: But needs a tighter consulation period.
51:43 Alan R Williams: When will you be able to do the longer consultation?
51:47 Sean Bechhofer: Identifying what can be annotated etc?
52:00 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: Any dates planned for this?
52:11 Sean Bechhofer: Stian: After Granada plenary.
52:12 Stian Soiland-Reyes: in January
52:16 Alan R Williams: The week after is a BioVeL meeting in Stockholm
52:16 Sean Bechhofer: But in January.
52:28 Alan R Williams: So you need to schedule week beginning 21
52:41 Alan R Williams: The BioVeL team were impressed.
52:46 Jun: Cool!
52:48 Alan R Williams: The main question was when can they have it
52:52 khalid.belhajjame: that sgreat (smile)
53:06 Alan R Williams: Issue of where/how to store runs
53:30 Sean Bechhofer: ACTION: Stian to set up further consulation with BioVel users in w/c 21st January.
54:03 khalid.belhajjame: +q
54:31 Sean Bechhofer: Finn:Just fixing various bugs came in over Xmas period. Some fixes to go on live site. Need to push to Don.
55:32 Sean Bechhofer: Need to revisit Jira site and clean up outstanding issues.
56:03 Sean Bechhofer: Finn: Can do this, but may need to poke Alan.
56:25 Alan R Williams: No
57:22 Sean Bechhofer: Khalid: Among the tasks in WP2 (wf4ever) there is work with Pinar and Danny relevant to abstraction. Identifying motifs in workflows to see what data manipulations are being done.
57:31 khalid.belhajjame:
57:35 Sean Bechhofer: ...Defined an ontlogy that will be part of the RO model.
57:50 Sean Bechhofer: ...the kinds of motif that can be used to annotate the workflows and their steps.
58:04 Sean Bechhofer: Sean: manual or automatic>
58:10 Sean Bechhofer: Khalid: manual.
58:33 Sean Bechhofer: ...these would be annotations on the workflow within the Research Object.
58:51 Sean Bechhofer: ...eScience paper analysed 50+ workflows.
59:00 Sean Bechhofer: ...There is a spreadsheet with those annotations.
59:29 Sean Bechhofer: ...Could be injected into the ROs that Dani produced before Xmas.
00:18 Sean Bechhofer: Jun?
00:18 Jun: No,
00:21 Jun: nothing from me
01:16 Sean Bechhofer: Jun: Not at the plenary. Hopefully virtual presences.
01:27 Sean Bechhofer: Don will be there. Some prep done before Xmas.
02:52 Sean Bechhofer: AOB?
03:15 Finn Bacall: doesn't look like it
03:32 Alan R Williams: Bye
03:36 Sean Bechhofer: Bye.

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