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  • Note about release from 2013-07-29
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Information about release:

  • Date of release: 2013-07-29

  • Implementation: 1267-8363

  • Timestamp: 2013_07_29-14_46_03

Changes and improvements made in release:

  • Statistics for project

    A possibility to preview actual correction statistics with the button has been added to the project management site. Stats were divided into two categories:

    •  – there is a possibility to view all correctors working on a given project for a certain period of time for the number of lines veryfied by them. Besides the lines meter, the date of the last verification made by a given corrector is presented. Stats are counted for whole project. 

    •  – this site allows to view all words along with the counter of their appearance in whole document. Stats are counted for whole project and for single pages. Buttons in the upper menu are used to navigate between pages. 

      The table presenting correction results is paged and sorted.

  • The end of the line, article and soft-hyphen marking buttons

    There were 3 buttons added to the window of a single line edition: 

    •  – division of words between lines, (if the line ends with the dash, it will be automatically replaced with the sign of soft-hyphen),

    •  – end of a paragraph,

    •  – end of an article.

  • Transcription edition only for logged users

    Edition of a public project is not possible for unlogged users. Only logged users of the VTL service can do the documents transcription.

  • Widget with the percent of transcription status

    A strip of transcription status progress has been added to the project page and to the project management site. The level of transcriptions advancement is counted as a relation between number of the verified lines to the number of all lines in the transcription..

  • Generating MOBI and RTF

    A possibility of downloading transcription results in two new formats (MOBI and RTF) was added. Transcription results can be downloaded from the project page or the project management site. Mobile formats were grouped in one position in the results downloading section. Editors of the project and its owner have the rights to download the transcription. 

  • Scans normalization

    Files added to the project can be normalized.  option in the files adding formula can be used to do it. The normalization process may be parameterized by giving the output resolution (because of the OCR process we advise to set up this value for 600dpi), apart from that, it is also possible to set up the output colours area, level of dewarping the images, demodulation of the page layout and methods of line straightening. 

  • Hot keys in transcription editor

    Transcription editor was enriched with the hot keys support. List of operative hot keys can be viewed with the combination of Shift+?.

  • Contact formula

    Contact formula is available only for logged users.

  • Zooming/averting the image in the editor

    It is possible to zoom or avert the image in transcription editor at any work mode. Until then it was possible only in viewing transcription mode.


Errors correction:

  • Back up of unpublished versions

    In a situation of finishing work in editor without publication of results and not saving it e.g. leaving workplace for time longer than duration of the session on the server. Then the work results were not available for the user while loading transcription editor for the next time. It may have led a misleading feeling that the VTL does not save the results of work.

    The problem was the creation of a new version of the edited document by ignoring last version of it, which did not finish with the publication. This problem was fixed; even if user does not finish the work in transcription editor properly, last modified version of the document will be displayed while next login to the editor.

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