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  • Note about release from 2013-06-07
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Information about release:

  • Date of release: 2013-06-07

  • Implementation: 1097-8180

  • Timestamp: 2013_06_07-14_49_27

Changes and improvements made in release:

  • Download transcription in text format

In a project management view, the transcription downloading options have been grouped into one button

There is a possibility to download transcription in epub, hocr and from now on also in plain txt format.


  • Link to preview whole scan in transcription’s editor

The possibility to display an original picture in new window in the browser from the editor’s level is possible by pressing Page preview in the editor’s top menu .


  • Lines numbers in transcription view

Lines presented in transcription’s editor view were expanded by a line number.

  • Moving lines to certain position

A possibility of moving a currently marked line to a certain position in transcription’s view has been added to the lines menu. After pressing Move the line to the position button, a dialogue window in which the position to which the line is supposed to be moved can be entered is displayed.

  • Mail sent to the project’s owner after finishing the batch OCR

After finishing the batch OCR process for a project, its owner is informed about it by an e-mail.


  • Access to the contact site without probation

Since current version of VTL, the access to a contact with an administrator is accessible without necessity to login. Unlogged users should fill a required field with their e-mail address while composing a message in contact formula.

  • Long-lasting task during TIFF files upload to the project

Conversion process of TIFF files into PNG ones after adding them to the project is fulfilled in an asynchronous way by the long-lasting task. During files conversion, the project files are blocked. Information about enduring conversion task is visible in the Current tasks bookmark available in users profile. After sending TIFF files to the server, user is informed about the conversion process in the view of adding new files to the project by information:

Information about conversion in the Current tasks view:


  • Automatic project page refreshing during its blockade in long-lasting tasks

During completion of long-lasting tasks for a certain project, as well the project page as its management is blocked until the task is finished. Those pages are automatically refreshed every 15s in order to check if tasks are finished. If long-lasting tasks are finished, project pages are automatically unblocked without a necessity to interact with a user.


  • The information about changes author was added to a history view

View of changes history was enriched by an information about the user who creates a specific transcription for a given page. User’s name is a link leading to their contact formula.

  • Lines verification mechanism was added

In transcription’s editor lines verification mechanism was introduced. A verified line is marked by a  icon in transcript preview. Lines are verified automatically after 3s of their display in editor’s dialogue. Every user may as well cancel the existing verification and enter the new one manually by the  option from the level of a given line editor’s window.

Owner of the project can additionally approve or cancel the verification for whole document from the main menu of transcription’s editor. Buttons below are used  for this:

  • Author of the project as an optional field

The field Author in a formula of creating a new project has become an optional one, its fulfilling is not required.


  • Support for multicolumn documents

A suport for multicolumn documents was added in the transcription’s editor. The order of looking through lines should be compatible with vertical columns. Quality and character of a transcribed document can have an impact on accuracy of multicolumn structure analysis results. It need to be mentioned that this feature is available only for new projects.

  • Possibility of adding same name files to one project

It is possible to add files with the same name. Earlier it failed.


  • Adding the explanatory information to the log-in site

If an unlogged user tries to create a new project, it ends with a redirection to the log-in site. Moreover, the information explaining the necessary probation in service appears.

  • Possibility to delete transcription of a given file

Deletion of a given file’s transcription is possible by withdrawing to a zero version in a changes history view.

  • Uservoice-based feedback forum

In a right upper corner of VLT website, a link  was added to a widget simplifying submission of suggestions to VTL team. With its support it is possible not only to submit your own idea but also look through or vote for already applied suggestions. More information about can be found on the uservoice site.

  • Link to a privacy policy site

In service’s footer we added a link  to a privacy policy site.

Errors correction:

  • Displaying thumbs of deleted files in the profile view

Error consisting of displaying files thumbs which were already deleted in a user’s profile view.


  • Problem with batch OCR for projects which included deleted files

From now on, the batch OCR process can be made in a project in which anyone, anytime deleted some files.


  • Problem with editor’s crash while deleting the line

Sometimes the transcription’s editor crashed while deleting marked line. Problem was solved among others by blocking the user’s interface during the operation.


  • Problem with a single page OCR

In case when a marked area of the page was too big, the OCR process may have not given any results. The page with text recognizing results was simply blank. 

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