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  • Note about release from 2013-03-25
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Information about release:

  • Date of release: 2013-03-26

  • Implementation: 1021-6935

  • Timestamp: 2013-03-26_09-21-32

Changes and improvements made in release:

  • Adding support for Junicode font in transcription editor

  • Change of automat address sending e-mails

All mails are sent by no-reply sender from the domain.

  • Mechanism of managing the rights to projects

From the level of page available in this link it is possible to add/delete users who can edit the private project. Only the owner of the project can manage the rights to it. 

Every user has the visible for them projects on their profile page, they are grouped into two bookmarks. First of them - My projects, contains projects owned by the user. Then the Shared with me contains those projects which were shared with the user by other users of the system.

  • Importation of TIFF files

From the page of adding new files to the project, it is possible to add TIFF files separately or in the zip archive. Files are automatically converted into the PNG images in 300dpi resolution.

  • hOCR file enrichment by additional information

    1. name, version of the used OCR engine and the list of profiles used to recognize characters

      1. saved in the heading of the hOCR file in ocr_system and ocr-langs blocks.
    2. name and size of source file
      1. title atribute in ocr_page block
    3. comments and formatting
      1. fragments of lines with comments in hOCR file are caught in ocrx_comment_ref tag, in which the id atribute points the comment definition set on the beginning of the hOCR file in ocrx_comments blocks.
      2. fragments of lines wrote in cursive are caught in <i>...</i>.
  • Improvement of the mechanism which saves coments and closes dialogues

    Improvement of the mechanism which saves comments in the transcribed line and proper service of dialogues closing (f.ex. by the ESC button).

  • Change of the appearance and behaviour of dialogue OCR of single line look.

The look of the window in which the editor has a possibility of doing OCR for a single line has changed. After pressing the  button, the dialogue closes and its content is automatically put in the editor's dialogue.

  • The possibility of downloading transcription in the EPUB file

This option is available form the page of project management level, only for its owner. The EPUB file is generated on the basis of those pages of the project which already possess some transcription. 

  • Additional navigation buttons in the lines editor dialogue

In the right lower corner of the lines editor window, three new buttons has been added. Button  (ang. save) is for saving changes amended by editor without closing the lines transcription dialogue. Next two ones are for navigation between transcription lines.

  • Enrichment of OAI link validation

Link OAI which makes it possible to import new project or files to already existing one, is being validated. The aim of validation is to define whether the link comes from digital library supported by VTL and whether the publication type enables its importation. 

  • Adding the possibility of bringing back the site's transcription from the initial revising

In the history of changes view for specific page transcription, it is possible to bring back the state from initial revising marked with 0. 

  • Blockade of activities to be done on the pages of project which has some long-lasting tasks ongoing

During flotation of at least one long-lasting task for a project, any activities which can be made in the project by owner or editor are blocked. It happens by blocking the menu in project and managing project view.

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