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  • Introduction to Virtual Transcription Laboratory
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  1. So as to create an account in Virtual Transcription Laboratory (VTL, you should register using website.

    Soon after submitting registration form, an email will be send to your account. In order to confirm your registration you need click into link provided in message.  Please keep in mind that link is valid only for limited amount of time.

  2. After registration you can login (

  3. In order to start any VTL activity you should create a new project (

    You need to enter: Project name, Author, Title, Language(s) of the text, type of the text (printed, manuscript, other) and Accept the terms of service. 

  4. After pressing "Create new project", the new project appears at your user profile (

  5. Clicking the project title leads to the project page, which lets us to edit the project, publish it, add new files, transcribe, OCR it or add transcript from hOCR file.

    What does it mean?

  6. The "OCR" option is one of the most important thing available in whole VTL. OCR stands from Optical Character Recognition; pushing the text out of an image. After entering the "OCR", site of the document on which the area of the text which is to be recognized can be marked appears.

    In "Recognition profiles" choose proper language, in this case it is "pol" for Polish. 

  7. The results of optical character recognition we receive after pressing "Start OCR"

    Results (text + its coordinates) can be imported into the project; it also possible to import only coordinates of lines which is useful when you want to enter text manually.
  8. If the import of OCR results is successful you will end up in transcription editor. On the left side of the screen you can see preview of the whole text (by default it is hidden). 

  9. Click twice on a particular line in an editor and you can open edition options.
    These are:

    • (1) Edition of the selected line. Remember to press "enter" after editing a particular line, it is the only way to approve corrected line.
    • (2) Deleting selected line,
    • (3) Starts OCR of a selected line/area, 
    • (4) Move the line by one position up in the text,
    • (5) Move the line by one position down in the text.

10. Other options making the work with VTL easier are icons in the right upper corner of the screen

They let the user riffle pages of the document, mark the new area on the scanned image, OCR given page , enlarge, reduce or come back to project page. 

11. Another option available on the project's page is "Download hOCR", which means simply downloading hOCR results in seamless text form. 


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